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Pradaxa is taken for: Stroke Blood Clots DVT


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Taken for: Stroke, Blood Clots, DVT
Other names: Dabigatran Etexilate
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Dabigatran (Pradaxa in Australia, Europe and USA, Pradax in Canada, Prazaxa in Japan) is an route of administration ...
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Pradaxa for Stroke
3,195 conversations around the web about Pradaxa to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Pradaxa and compared it to other Stroke medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Pradaxa & Tylenol

We found 13 discussions
" unable to take NSAIDs. Tylenol is the only med. I can take for pain relief. It really doesn't seem to... "

" ...Pradaxa for over 2 years. Tylenol is the with no problems. NASIDs cause the blood to thin Too much. Tylenol helps with headaches, but not with inflammation. For Inflammatio... "

" ...take Pradaxa. Last yr. I had a lot of back pain ( inflamation) from ...No sympathy, No No No...only Tylenol, which did nothing. They were emphatic that with Pradaxa, I could NOT take as... "

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" I'm on both pradaxa and multaq. Is it safe to take tylenol for back pain? Yes, it is fine to take Tylenol for back pain, while you are taking Pradaxa and Multaq. There are no... "

" ...went to PT and took Tylenol..I am still have a constant ...inflammation, If I could take Aleve or Mortin, I think ...fine today. Unfortunately, I take Pradaxa and cannot take anti inflamatio... "

" ...of sleep courtesy of some Tylenol 3. Great to be back home with my family, in my own ...minute or two. I am on a blood thinner (Pradaxa) and still on the beta-blocker/antiarrythmic... "

" ...and w/i days the inflamation was gone. This yr. I hurt my back to the point of pain whenever I moved. ( I take Pradaxa). My cardio dr. said, I could take NOTHING but Tylenol, ice, heat, & PT. No... "

" ...with over doing for me, is the inflammation. I can't take NSAIDs cuz I take Pradaxa. I can only ice and take Tylenol. My Cholesterol numbers need improving... "

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" ...more. I have had Tylenol w/codeine which exacerbates constipation. I take pradaxa and I guess... "

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" fine with either drug. Did you know that taking the Multaq increases your risk of bleeding with Pradaxa and there is no reversal agent for Pradaxa? Also did... "

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