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Pradaxa is taken for: Stroke Blood Clots DVT


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Taken for: Stroke, Blood Clots, DVT
Other names: Dabigatran Etexilate
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Dabigatran (Pradaxa in Australia, Europe and USA, Pradax in Canada, Prazaxa in Japan) is an route of administration ...
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Pradaxa for Stroke
3,145 conversations around the web about Pradaxa to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Pradaxa and compared it to other Stroke medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Pradaxa cause Diabetes ?

#6 in Pradaxa discussions - 35 posts discuss Diabetes with Pradaxa. Diabetes is #6 concern in Pradaxa discussions.
We found 35 discussions
" a day shot or Pradaxa, but I am still doing my research on the Pradaxa, and the once a day ...friend that her daughter had an insuline pump for the diabetes and she had nothing but... "

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" ...have been on Pradaxa 150 mg x ...on something other than Pradaxa. My stomach cramps and I am dizzy. I also am diabetic. Yesterday I had an EKG with which my cardiologist was well pleased, and... "

" ...diabetes, from two a day to one. She will eventually take me off of it, but she said it could help with weight loss, so would keep me on it a while longer. ? My cholesterol was way better, too. S... "

Post from
" ...drs. decided to put me on prozac for anxiety and ...psychiatrist who has prescribed welbutron and also seeing ...taking for hbp, high cholestrol, diabetes med., plavix and pradaxa also atenel... "

" Also, I don't believe all I hear about Pradaxa, which is why I choose to stay on warfarin. ...risk of a bleed on Pradaxa is much higher. If it ...also goes up with obesity, diabetes... "

" Are you talking about Pradaxa? DH's cardiologist did not want to prescribe that for ...compete for liver function. He is on meds for diabetes, MS and heart. Interesting about the Tylenol with code... "

" ...thing I have heard/read about Pradaxa is that the stability of ...I was one of the Avandia users that took this revolutionary medication for diabetes..... 12 months later, I had... "

" ...capillary fragility (too much E/too little C), disease states (diabetes, anemia, hemophilia...), medications (warfarin, pradaxa, etc)]... the list is long so you need a... "

" ...around here. There are now several expensive prescription alternatives to warfarin like Pradaxa that do not require weekly or monthly monitoring. They can ...INR much like diabetics. Is the a-fi... "

" I've been on 81 mg aspirin and plavix for about ...sleep. Might be related to diabetes. Hey Joe, your post with ...doctors recommend the new ones - Pradaxa (on the market in US)... "

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