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Potassium Gluconate

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Taken for: Hypokalemia
Method of use: Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Potassium gluconate is a Dietary mineral and sequestrant.Potassium gluconate is a loosely bound salt of potassium and gluconic acid. P...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Potassium Gluconate and Water Retention ?

#20 in Potassium Gluconate discussions - 15 posts discuss Water Retention with Potassium Gluconate.
We found 15 discussions
" of Potassium Gluconate each day. I break it up over the morning and at lunch. This has done me a world of good as far as water retention. I have ...said Chelated Potassium Gluconate. I ha... "

" I've only had water retention when I took high doses of HC due to a virus, pre-Florinef and potassium. I take a lot of potassium. ...and hardly does anything. I like potassium gluconate a lot bett... "

" ...and water retention. The dizziness with the water retention. Coordination issues. When I add more potassium--unfortunately mine is just the otc potassium gluconate at 595 mg each--I feel better.... "

" ...adrenal fatigue, and ...avoiding salt, experiencing water retention. Now, I use salt to taste (Himalayan), as well as potassium gluconate, 3-6 g (NOW ...K , particularly feeling light-headed,... "

" ...i got one and got the other for free. Potassium Gluconate read that its suppose to help water retention levels and its good for your heart and kidneys... "

" a common link. Another is water retention. We're both taking tons of potassium gluconate to prevent cramping. We're also both on-cycle. ...have been running 1.25mgs femara ED and 10mgs Nol... "

" doc has me on lasix (to combat water ret. And ...chloride (much better in absorbtion than potassium gluconate u find in most OTC ...high sodium meals in regards to water retent... "

" ...and lethargy. Minor sides include water retention. We recommend ameliorating sides by consuming 4 tabs of 595mg Potassium Gluconate and 2 tabs of 250mg... "

" ...I've heard taking potassium can help with water retention, so I bought a supplement (potassium gluconate) to take during P3/P4 just for prevention's sake. Anyone have a recommendation about... "

" Andriol/water-retention Hi guys, I'm on a ...but I'm annoyed about the water retention. I'm a bit new to ...i bought me some Potassium gluconate. Question: how much of this... "

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