Potassium Chloride

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Taken for: Hypokalemia
Category: Dietary supplement
potassium chloride (KCl) is a metal halide Salt (chemistry) composed of potassium and chlorine. In its pure state, it is odorless and ...
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Potassium Chloride and Prednisone

Interaction between Potassium Chloride and Prednisone: Interaction not known, but may still exist. Always consult your doctor before taking these medications together. Do not stop taking the medications without a physician's advice.
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month. I caught a gastro bug going around and had the runs...
" ...not sure how/if that would affect prednisone. I had to get potassium/chloride pills for 2 days about last month. I caught a gastro bug going around and had the runs for about 6 days. ...mention the doc... "

This doctor prescribed potassium chloride 10 mg and...
" ...potassium levels - I had vertigo, I did not know ...all the allergy pills and prednisone. This doctor prescribed potassium chloride 10 mg and Dyazide 37/25. ...6 days a week. I do not get vertigo as long as I... "

this. I'm taking potassium chloride powder dissolved in...
" ...then lower your potassium. I'm on florinef to raise my sodium, ...to combat this. I'm taking potassium chloride powder dissolved in juice, and ...more HC would help, but prednisone might be best. It... "

getting off prednisone. That's great! Thank you both for...
" ...Current doc has me taking 600 mg of potassium chloride three times a day (1800 ...appetite. Funny thing is I've been losing weight as I hear most ...more info. Wow! 401k when getting off prednisone.... "

t with only Prednisone and no other medications as well?...
" ...from food or prednisilone or potassium chloride. Actually, I took my third ...sleep. Already barely sleep being on pred. My first experience with ...in Group, Do most start with only Prednisone and no... "

y taking 15mg prednisone daily now, along with mes...
" ...not the potassium. I take prescribed potassium (chloride and citrate... I have ...both now) at home and have prescribed potassium chloride powder (yucky stuff) for ...low potassium. I am only taking 15mg... "

been putting a little Potassium Chloride in some of my food...
" ...the ER. First doc diagnosed me with mild pneumonia and mild pancretitis. Second ...gave me 5 days of prednisone for joint pain/inflammation. I most likely was ...my dad had me start taking a multivitamin as... "

definitively increases blood pressure. The antibiotic...
" prednisone definitively increases blood pressure. The antibiotic augmentin is not ...are high doses or using salt substitutes that contain potassium chloride in large ammounts. If you use a dab of... "

adding Potassium Chloride prescription strength. http:...
" ...regeme of Methimozole, Selenium, Alluporonal, Prednesone and Vitamin D. It did ...an improvement. Now Doc is adding Potassium Chloride prescription strength.... "

and cacl (potassium chloride) as pulvis which i do not wan...
" ...orotic acid which has very weak effect and cacl (potassium chloride) as pulvis which i do not want to use because on pred now and suppose it's too hard for stomach. i... "

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