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Poison Oak Rash

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Common Poison Oak Rash treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 369
8,487 conversations around the web about Poison Oak Rash to help you make a decision
8,487 conversations around the web about Poison Oak Rash to help you make a decision
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Poison Oak Rash & Swelling

3.32% of the posts that mention Poison Oak Rash also mention Swelling (282 posts)
Poison Oak Rash
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We found 282 discussions
" Any news? Dd had a swollen eye a few weeks ago, and the dr. thought it was likely a reaction to poison oak. She had been raking in the yard around the... "

" ...that. I do have some Prednisone tablets on hand that I had used for poison oak and poison ivy and maybe ...I have too much swelling, but I'll have to I have been using Cetaphil and will... "

" Quote: Any relation to clomipramine? The OCD drug known ...some baby food and my hands are swollen and covered in hives. Looks ...Google says they're related to poison oa... "

" ...of blood poisoning? I have either poison oak or ivy. It spread to ...purple from the rashes and swelling. Also, my right foot is ...The whole right leg is swelling and poofy. Do i have... "

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" ...oak!!! What should i do? i have poison oak on my penis , its very itchy, and swollen . I went hiking ...because i have some poison oak on my chin also. reduce itchyness and swelling ? I... "

" ...hills and I do have some poison oak on other parts of my experiencing is due to poison oak, shaving, corisone cream, or a ...doing so, but the swelling sure does seem to get worse when ... "

" Itchy, swollen and red penis and ball sack. Have poison oak. Frequent masturbation Hi my penis ...very ichy and alittle swollen an red, the shaft! I currently have poison oak also but th... "

Post from
" ...and about 1 day later i notice o have poison oak on my feet and legs (ive had it before, ...are there any other remedies or cures? like to help the itching, reduce swelling. thanks in advance... "

" have a bunch of fluid removed due to swelling...all complications from getting poison oak last summer and the meds I had to take. ...can eat everything. And I am so hungry that I almost... "

" poison oak or poison ivy? DH got poison oak and it can turn ...and steroids. Aveeno oatmeal bath works great for this type ...keep giving her the benedryl, it will help keep the swell... "

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