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Poison Oak Rash

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Common Poison Oak Rash treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 370
8,531 conversations around the web about Poison Oak Rash to help you make a decision
8,531 conversations around the web about Poison Oak Rash to help you make a decision
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Poison Oak Rash & Coconut Oil

We found 17 discussions
" ...It doesn't say virgin coconut oil. It says Unrefined organic coconut oil. I SO hope it ...banana peel helps with Poison Oak/Ivy and imflammation of the ...that had gotten into poison oak an... "

" This brings my list of allergies up to two. Coconut oil and catnip (of all things). Both cause the same ...Oddly, none of the poison ivy/poison oak/poison sumacs cause a reaction. And... "

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" ...norcal and its EVERYWHERE. a lot of the trails have gotten completely out of control and overgrown with poison oak everywhere. I think of it entire body in coconut oil. I feel slightly bet... "

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" you have that supports coconut oil doesn't target unwanted bacteria? Gia, ...immune depressent, for my poison oak, and felt sick throughout! And my acne has just gotten worse and... "

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" ...with a case of severe poison oak i had last year (before getting P), I took prednisone for 2-3 weeks. ...When I stopped, the poison oak rebounded. That's ...steroid, coal tar or coconut oil t... "

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" ...the other day after fixing a flat tire, and had gotten into some poison oak. His face, arm and knee were red, swollen ...handed him a little dish of coconut oil and told him to... "

" ...reasons. A bad case of Poison Oak when young messed up his ...attention, as he has Diabetes as well. Well,!!! O.M.G. I've been using Fractionated Coconut Oil with Cypress and L... "

" Sheila: Try coconut oil! Nobody has mentioned it for poison oak yet but you could try it if you have some. It is supposed to cure all that... "

" Another coconut oil miracle! Yesterday my 15 yo son showed us a and couldn't figure out what it was. Not poison oak, no new foods, soap, detergent. He does trail run... "

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" ...too, but it turned into sores , similiar to poison oak, turned out it was from the increase dose of ...get it, I had relief from covering myself in Coconut Oil (100%) it was the only think that ... "

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