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Pneumonia is an Inflammation condition of the lung?especially affecting the microscopic air sacs (alveoli)?associated with fever, ches...
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Common Pneumonia treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 1,290 Zpak 1,099 Azithromycin 1,051
274,873 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
274,873 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
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Pneumonia & Shoulder Pain

0.19% of the posts that mention Shoulder Pain also mention Pneumonia (211 posts)
Shoulder Pain
We found 211 discussions
" ...c-section, they had me do breathing exercises in the hospital to prevent pneumonia. I had ...I had a lot of shoulder pain...I had my tubes tied and I was told that causes shoulder pain. I've a... "

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" ...severe left shoulder pain which when admitted to hospital found I had pneumonia and pleurisy. I had a pleural rub (where the lung gets stuck/rubs against lining) which took my breath away and I... "

" ...morning after my surgery. Did you get one of those breathing apparatuses to test your breathing at home to prevent pneumonia? Work on that and walk ...the gas and the pain in my shoulders. I... "

" ...have the pneumonia ...pain in my shoulder started 8 hours after the injection. It was a worse pain than the frozen shoulder I had years ago. It was difficult to even brush my hair as the inject... "

" ...continuing to have shoulder pain at night time ...I took Tylenol, did a heating pad and walked around thinking it was gas trapped. I got the shoulder pain to go ...I was diagnosed with pneum... "

" ...Gas-X or Digel for gas? That might relieve the burping and tightness you're feeling. I have a lot of gas too, and I take that stuff regularly but I think moving around, especially going for a 15 m... "

" ...too, have recently had pneumonia and am now ...tired and also have intermittent sharp shoulder pain (left shoulder), so... "

" ...related to PE. I had severe shoulder pain a few weeks ago and ...PE but I was diagnosed with pneumonia instead! Definitely get seen hun... "

" doc today about my shoulder pain, as i worry that its something else caused by the pneumonia. i got a prescription for vicodin. party at my house. this... "

" ...recliner also helps release gas. I learned this when I was pregnant. The gas is what is causing some of the shoulder pain. Are you using your spirometer - hope so as it helps prevent pneumonia... "

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