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Pneumonia is an Inflammation condition of the lung?especially affecting the microscopic air sacs (alveoli)?associated with fever, ches...
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Common Pneumonia treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 1,266 Zpak 1,091 Azithromycin 1,047
272,767 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
272,767 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
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Pneumonia & Castor Oil

We found 51 discussions
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" Another Castor Oil Question I've got this wierd, ...foot, especially. If I rub castor oil into it, do I have ...are still really bad (like pnemonia), am having raging headaches at... "

" ...with us. Have you tried Evening Primrose? I heard alot of ...(and OMG, don't do the castor oil!!). I tried Raspberry leaf tea, ...they thought he might have pneumonia. Having to hold a 3... "

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" ...a long time old remedy. Castor oil is what I usually reach ...many poultice applications.. do a castor oil search on healthsalon and there ...issue pertaining to them getting pneumonia as the... "

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" ...that it's too harsh. We've done castor oil massages into my belly ...things going for real. Not to mention I still have 2 kids with pneumonia, so running to the potty every 5 minutes would... "

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" Castor oil is supposed to give you (and baby) the shits ...asperated meconium and wound up in the NICU with pneumonia. I'll pass on that... "

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" I agree, no castor oil. My labor went on way ...was in the hospital for 10 days with double pneumonia . I would not chance the castor oi... "

" ...doing some reading up on castor oil. This site said it is to poo and ingest which could lead to pneumonia... sigh. Do I still do it anyways? I'm... "

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" Routine use of castor oil or mineral oil is not recommended. Not only can a fat aspiration is much worse for causing pneumonia than something that is water solueable.... "

" Get some castor oil packs and herbs for lung ...for weeks.I think i had phnemonia.Place the packs on your chest ...videos on how to use castor oil... "

" I wouldnt do the castor oil! Too much of it can make the baby poop ...full term - for ten days due to asperation pneumonia! He then had to have oxygen for the next... "

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