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Pneumonia is an Inflammation condition of the lung?especially affecting the microscopic air sacs (alveoli)?associated with fever, ches...
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Common Pneumonia treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 1,267 Zpak 1,092 Azithromycin 1,048
272,876 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
272,876 conversations around the web about Pneumonia to help you make a decision
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Pneumonia & Castor Oil

We found 51 discussions
" Do not take castor oil-its a laxative. IT can cause your to poop and therefore it can cause your baby to poop ...with her upon discharge because her baby was stuck on oxygen and had pneumonia. Be s... "

" ...and it went perfectly smooth and castor oil is a bad idea. I've ...pooped in the womb, and got VERY sick. She was born with pneumonia. But I didn't drink castor oil. They said she was... "

" ...through, now for the castor oil- NO. Don't do it!! ...vomiting and diorrhorea, making your body very dehydrated and your body becomes ...more prone to infections/ pneumonia/ respiratory probl... "

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" ...the Natural Calm down and just finished with the castor oil pack. If we don't see some progress really soon, ...As an aside, a lady at our church has pneumonia, and a df was letting me know, bu... "

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" ...much debate over whether taking castor oil to induce labor will cause ...of it it can cause pneumonia in the lungs. Meconium is can cramp and have diarrhea all during labor and... "

" Do NOT try castor oil! The only thing castorl oil ...put them in danger of swallowing it and getting pneumonia at birth. Please don't take castor oil! Everything else sounds good. Of course if you ... "

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" ...pneumonia is nothing to fool with, put one of my friends in the hospital for several days. When you are ...that and the castor oil, Grandma wasn't much ...illness south of pneumonia yester... "

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" ...hear about your granddaughter's viral pneumonia. I looked ...big believer in castor oil packs, and couldn't find anything about using them for pneumonia. It's hard to ...try rubbing castor... "

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" ...very young to have pneumonia. Has she tried Vicks Vapor Rub? I used to get pneumonia all the time and ...don't know if castor oil packs would help ...I think. Good luck to all; I'm sure it'... "

" ...nearly died after she used castor oil to induce labor. I believe ...I know that can lead to pneumonia and respiratory distress. Maybe they ...get diarrhea in utero from the castor oil like ... "

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