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(Herpes zoster)
Herpes zoster (or simply zoster), commonly known as shingles and also known as zona, is a viral disease characterize...
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Common Shingles treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 2,884 Acyclovir 2,329 Lyrica 1,418
154,493 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
154,493 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
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Platelet Count & Shingles

We found 37 discussions
Shingles Vaccine & high platelet count
I am 75 years of age. My general practitioner has suggested that I get the Zostavax shingles vaccine. However the Zostavax pamphlet states "Zostavax should not be used have a blood disorder......"

I have a high blood platelet level and have been treated for it for about ten years with hydroxurea 500 mg capsules five times per week. The platelet level varies between 500 and 650 ( in whatever the units are).

Naturally I want to find out if this platelet count falls into the "blood disorder" category for which the shingles vaccine is not recommended. The "contact us" feature at the Zostavax site is not functioning. I am not scheduled to visit my hematologist for another month. (I see him every two months.) I will ask him but I do not know whether he is familiar with the shingles vaccine.

Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you.

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" ...Shingles vacination, (Zoztramax ?? -- ...Medicare Advantage Plan has told me that getting a \"Shingles\" vacination (from Walgreens, a ...had chicken pox - never shingles,-- my platelet count... "

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" out. Yes, the Shingles Vaccine was definitely the cause of I.T.P. Due to having platelet count 2 weeks prior to ...your son-in-law has facial paralysis as a result of shingles. Do hope... "

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" Well, that's interesting. I had shingles about 2 years prior to being diagnosed with NHL, ...develop a DVT despite my platelet count being around 40!... "

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" ...months (just before she got sick and dx with ITP). ...Rituximab in 2007. Last November my 8yr old got Shingles. I never even thought about it... but Paisley ended did not touch her plat... "

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" catrine36 ** Raptiva cleared me up great (from 40% down to 5% coverage) but threw my immune system into a tailspin. I got shingles, mono and ITP to monitor my platelet count for the... "

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" TOPIC: Shingles and MMF treatment I am 73years old and been ...dose of one gram twice a day and my platelet count is mostly about 85k to 100k. Now I have shingles on my abdomen ( right side ) . ... "

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" TOPIC: Shingles Vaccine caused I.T.P. My story ...April 1, 2010, I had a Shingles Vaccine. Within weeks, I noticed hips, and across stomach. Platelet count was 6,000. I was wondering... "

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" 27 male. I had shingles 2 months ago. From that ...on the right of my throat. I also have low fever (below 99 Fahrenheit) and I am not keen had blood tests? what was your platelet c "

" itp and shingles hello,i was recently diagnosed with ...;at the moment i have shingles in my mouth and face ...any way to itp and do you think my platelet count will have dropped as i have just ... "

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