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Pituitary Tumor

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(Pituitary tumour)
Pituitary adenomas are tumors that occur in the pituitary gland, and account for about 15% of intracranial neoplasia. They often remai...
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Common Pituitary Tumor treatments discussed around the web
Bromocriptine 238 Cabergoline 204 Dostinex 186
8,705 conversations around the web about Pituitary Tumor to help you make a decision
8,705 conversations around the web about Pituitary Tumor to help you make a decision
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Pituitary Tumor & Tingling

0.32% of the posts that mention Pituitary Tumor also mention Tingling (28 posts)
Pituitary Tumor
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" ...the past 5 years because of a pituitary may of 05 my ...get cold or goosebumps i'm convinced that my legs are tingling....i don't know why but i ...of it is me being paranoid...bu... "

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" ...years old. i saw a neuro dr after i had been having some tingling/prickling feeling in my arms and legs. he called yesterday MRI showed a micro pituitary tumor. im VERY scared. i dont... "

" MRI for a possible pituitary tumor. No tumor was seen but ...has no outward symptoms of MS, other than some tingling of the toes that have gone numb and chronic fatigue. Not sure what I shoul... "

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" Pituitary Tumor Hi, I went and saw ...physician last Friday because I've been having some tingling/numbness in my hands and feet ...pituitary gland and is a pituitary tumor. She believes that... "

" ...I have life-long calcium and vitamin D dependency since having all my parathyroids removed. The reason I ask is that the number one symptom you have to keep an eye on is tingling in the peripheries... "

" \"get cold or goosebumps\" and \"your legs tingle\"'s really not likely ...Apparently you're still seeing the endocrinologist for your pituitary tumor. Next vist, I'd probably... "

" ...never even would have gone to the doctor. Had some tingling and other sensory things but nothing I hadn't dismissed ...he was looking for a pituitary tumor or MS, though neither was... "

" ...he did put me on synthroid 25mcg/day and cabergoline twice a week. i recently had an MRI b/c apparently they thought there was a 9 in 10 chance of having a pituitary tumor but luckily... "

" ...praying that gives me relief. I did have two more MRI's for the tingling and drunk feeling. One MRI said it was a pituitary tumor and my neurosurgeon said it looked more like a cyst. Right now I... "

" ...starting to think I had pituitary tumor of some sort. I let ...Recently i've been experiencing burning tingling sensation on my back,yellows in the ...not saying a finasteride tablet is made ... "

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