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(Acute contagious conjunctivitis)
Conjunctivitis (also called pink eye or madras eye) refers to inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the ...
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Common Pinkeye treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 3,129 Polysporin 183 Visine 155
52,186 conversations around the web about Pinkeye to help you make a decision
52,186 conversations around the web about Pinkeye to help you make a decision
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Pinkeye & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 25 discussions
" Had strep throat/tonsilitis, bronchitis and pinkeye infection in both eyes like ...Also gargle some diluted hydrogen peroxide every once... "

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" ...had the early stages of pinkeye, I have ...eyelid with a VERY WEAK Hydrogen Peroxid... "

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" ...A deficiency as are pink eye and several other bacterial ...see much use in drinking hydrogen peroxide, believe good nutrition and hygiene ...good health, etc. My eyes are tired. I'll h... "

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" ...does sound like viral pink eye since they are having ...I've read about using hydrogen peroxide in the ears for ...I hope they feel better soon and no... "

" ...IN THE EARS \"I had pink eye and cold at the same time. I tried hydrogen Peroxide in ear stuff ...felt much better. For pink eye I tried tea method it was fine and got rid of some of redness but... "

" ...about 4 months- he had diarrhea & my pediatrician didn't we know it the pink eye- they gave a prescription for ...she insist i go buy hydrogen peroxide to drop and cleanse out... "

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" ...these bad bugs suck. Snorting Hydrogen peroxide is what I would do ...easy to the sinuses. Snort it a bunch of times per day, when I used it to cure pink eye I sprayed it in my... "

" ...He told me I was allergic to the preservative Since I switched to hydrogen peroxide, I can comfortably wear my ...worth an extra pair of lenses. Pink eye is an infection t... "

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" ...AM FEELING BETTER!! NO PINK EYE!!! WOOO! Just a little ...can't believe some of you are already having contractions. Wow. Shay, my Stepmom ...Costco sized bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a ... "

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" pink eye Can anyone recommend a natural remedy for pink eye. I don't have an ozone machine but I do ...of drops in my eye. Hydrogen Peroxide scares me so I don't... "

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