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Pinched Nerve

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Ask a question
(Nerve Entrapment)
60,276 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
60,276 conversations around the web about Pinched Nerve to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve & X-Rays

We found 2,316 discussions
" ...Nerve in Toe Any ideas about how I can relieve what the doctor thinks is a trapped nerve in my toe? Really ...Help ! Waiting for Xray results... "

" Where can I go for treatment of a trapped nerve in Tenerife? been to the hospital had xray and injections and told i have a trapped nerve in neck and shoulder thanks but already knew that,... "

" ...would of thought an xray of the neck/spine would ...IE nerve pain ? so they are treating you for a trapped nerve by the way have any ...could referre me for xray/scans and to other consult... "

" ...them. I carry an X Ray of my foot that ...eventually hits my bloodstream. I was able to get relief from a pinched nerve and lumbar disc problems with ...therapist. I also take Lyrica to ra... "

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" ...hunch over and had pain down my right leg. I called a chiropractor and he said i had a pinched nerve so i was getting treatment till my insurance wouldn't cover it ...Dr. He took x-rays and said... "

" ...and have Rheumatoid arthritis. A while ago I had a trapped nerve and the x-ray they took showed OA there rather than the RA... "

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" ...cases of CS go undetected , for many years, until an actual trapped nerve manifests itself. Xrays are unreliable for detecting CS, particularly in early stages.... "

" ...sprained my right shoulder & clavicle , and upon x-rays taken discovered i have a pinched nerve in my neck . so no exercise for 2... "

" ...still on pain between ribs VERY POSSIBLE you have pinched nerve in the thorasical region T6-T7. X-rays somethime dosen't show problem. My suggestion as a massage... "

" doctor check for a pinched nerve with x-rays or an ultrasound. I'm going through severe shoulder pain right now and the doc figures I've got a pinched nerve. I'm on anti-inflamitories... "

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