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Peripheral Neuropathy

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(Neuropathy peripheral)
Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or ...
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Common Peripheral Neuropathy treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 1,238 Lyrica 1,042 Gabapentin 907
30,233 conversations around the web about Peripheral Neuropathy to help you make a decision
30,233 conversations around the web about Peripheral Neuropathy to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy & Pernicious Anemia

1% of the posts that mention Pernicious Anemia also mention Peripheral Neuropathy (135 posts)
Pernicious Anemia
Peripheral Neuropathy
We found 135 discussions
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" ...agent orange related issues? I am 20% for diabetes, 10% for peripheral neuropathy for each limb and 50% ...VA math! I was just diagnosed with pernicious anemia and apnea. Has anyone... "

" Searcher, suggest B12 defiency (pernicious anemia)? It leads to peripheral neuropathy as another reader suggests. Find be anemic to suffer pernicious anemia. Or Maybe myasthenia gravis? ... "

" ...slightly touch my skin…probably peripheral neuropathy?? However, all resolves as soon as I get my B12 'fix'. You may have posted this elsewhere, but do you take folic acid, to aid in absorption... "

Post from
" ...Plenty of research and discussion threads on the internet. Work with your doctor, get your blood B12 level tested, and try to 1) supplementing your diet with VitB12 pills (at least 1000mcg), 2)... "

" Essential Tremor, Peripheral Neuropathy and Mild Cognitive ...severe b-12 deficiency (pernicious anemia)...I was dx'd with ET in late 2005, soon after suffered peripheral neuropathy pain onse... "

" ...surgeons imply. So many have become dependent on iron injections to treat pernicious anemia because they ...supplement. There have also been increased cases of peripheral neuropathy related... "

" ...whether or not it is pernicious anemia. B-12 and Folic Acid both ...that you mean that you are experiencing peripheral neuropathy in you legs. IF you ...up your stores of b12 then you could b... "

Post from
" can help me. I am SC for peripheral neuropathy and pernicous anemia. I was could be connected to pernicious anemia. The VA provided a CPAP ...of you here have sleep apnea and I am... "

Post from
" ...which type you choose. As far as having too much of a vitamin B complex, only two of them have ever shown any toxicity in humans (both at doses far above what anyone would take as a supplement),... "

" Hi, Peripheral neuropathy (pain in hand and feet, ...seen in the form of pernicious anemia in 30 to 60 years age bracket. VitB12 is ...your doctor, get your blood B12 level tested, and try to... "

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