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Treato results for Pepto-Bismol and Zoloft

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Pepto-Bismol or Zoloft - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By Jade
February 15, 2015
Jade wrote
Zoloft and Wellbutrin
Just to add- I also experienced night sweats while on this combo.
Jade  |  February 15, 2015
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By ann
January 5, 2015
ann wrote
pepto bismol and high blood pressure
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By David
September 24, 2014
David wrote
Zoloft- Unconscious and depressed. Low dose prescription for 1 year worked
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By Randy
July 27, 2014
Randy wrote
Diabetic Symptoms with Zoloft
Been taking it since 2007. I have noticed symptoms similar to low sugar.
Sue  |  October 18, 2014
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By kellie
June 13, 2014
kellie wrote
self injury
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By user
April 8, 2014
user wrote
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By corrupted_jes
March 27, 2014
corrupted_jes wrote
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By irishscottish
February 14, 2014
irishscottish wrote
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By Jasmine286
January 10, 2014
Jasmine286 wrote
Milk of Magnesia v Pepto Bismol
You should only take Milk of Magnesia as a laxative, because that's what it is! It says it right on the bottle, it isn't for heartburn, it's to help you shit. On the other hand, Pepto is to help coat your stomach and it is also made to stop diarrhea. I'm not too sure why anybody would take a laxative to try help their stomach, you should be taking Mylanta or a stomach antacid to help with stomach pains, not a laxative, no wonder why you feel like shit!
Marc  |  August 14, 2014
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By Madison
January 8, 2014
Madison wrote
Zoloft Weightloss and Abilify
I started taking Zoloft about 3 weeks ago. I have been suffering with severe, medical depression, social anxiety and feelings of dread. I have good reasons to be depressed, as my Mom died of cancer 4 years ago, and I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago. Now I'm post menopausal at 39 and just can't cope. Immediately after taking Zoloft I began to feel good. Depression had become physically debilitating and I gained a lot I weight. I have also noticed a lack of desire for food, and have
Beana  |  July 4, 2014
I also have to take Diflucan/flucanozole occaisionally while taking Zoloft...never any problems.
debra  |  March 31, 2014
Zoloft saved my life. Outside of my wonderful husband it is the thing in life I am most grateful for. Much better than Prozac where I always felt medicated.It is not for everyone but if doc recommends it, I would try it. Just pay attention and give it some time and if you have any side effects do not wait to address them...do it immediately.
debra  |  March 31, 2014
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By Kay terfinko
December 20, 2013
Kay terfinko wrote
Zoloft and gallbladder
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By Willie DeJarnette
December 3, 2013
Willie DeJarnette wrote
Zoloft Weight Loss
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By agnes
November 30, 2013
agnes wrote
heart pounding
OMG you have just helped me - I get the racing heart, and now that I think about it, its after a couple of glasses of coke zero
Amy  |  August 20, 2014
I find I get way more severe reaction to caffeine when I am on Zoloft. Have to drink caffeine free coke!
Otherwise I get a racing heart, exactly like a panic attack. Took me ages to figure out, I thought they were panic attacks!
Frankie  |  June 10, 2014
Its suppose to slow your heart down...
April 28, 2014
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By LisaB
October 27, 2013
LisaB wrote
Zoloft and neck stiffness

I take 150mg Zoloft and have the sore nipples and the sore stiff neck which is horrible but this really does work on your neck it has 2 sticky pads connected to this portable device just stick them where the pain is on your neck for the night and you'll feel wonderful in the morning ??
BarbaraMay  |  October 27, 2014
I put mine neck ache down to stress, but if it is a common side affect of Zoloft maybe I'm not super stressed
August 20, 2014
i am taking Mirtazapine and sometimes Lorazepam and sometimes xanax and I too get these stiff necks and just does not subside - i have had them for the last 2 months now - any advice?
rr98  |  July 14, 2014
Same thing with me I have horrible neck pain
And stiffness and a headache and I also take zoloft
Megan  |  June 27, 2014
I take Zoloft and had horrible neck pain from out of no where.. Wonder if it's from that my dr prescribed my flexerol for it.
May 28, 2014
Same thing, neck pain for months now. Diagnosed for RA now, and prescribed Methortexrate.
mike  |  May 6, 2014
Yes, I also take Zoloft and have bad neck and back stiffness. It does seem to subside after awhile. Try heat and stretches...good luck.
Cheryl  |  February 18, 2014
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By Nia
September 8, 2013
Nia wrote
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By kwissy
September 6, 2013
kwissy wrote
shaky hands
Hi, I have a 12 yr old son...just hope you get better and that u have some people in your life who love u as much as I love my son. If u don't, keep looking, you will find people who care. Good luck, and if the Zoloft feels bad for you, tell your dr. I'll be hoping you are ok. ;-))
Jaipria  |  June 22, 2014
Im glad Zoloft has helped with your depression however it didnt help with mine. I would talk with your doctor about the shaky hands. I stopped taking Zoloft awhile ago and I still have shaky hands from it.
jp  |  June 8, 2014
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By pb
August 19, 2013
pb wrote
peptobismol and hearing changes
Can I mix zegerid and pepto bismol
March 5, 2014
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By Wayne
August 1, 2013
Wayne wrote
Bentyl VS Pepto
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of the fatigue that zoloft can cause, so i am hoping that...
...pepto, etc. right now i am on a fat burning supplement and getting LOTS of excercise, so i feel a lot better. i also live in chicago where it is cold 7-8 months out of the year. and i am not kiddi...
with yea. When I was on Zoloft I don't recall too many...
...And the theraputic dose for Zoloft is 75mg... just wanted to ...yea. When I was on Zoloft I don't recall ...it. Also - there is always pepto..hehe ~Sundance~ \"Never react emoti...
FYI - Pepto Bismol is contraindicated with Zoloft
...Pepto Bismol is...
on serotonin... I take Pepto-Bismol when I feel the...
...I got the diarrhea on Zoloft. I think it really started ...months when I started taking Lexapro, but eventually returned to ...an effect on serotonin... I take Pepto-Bismol when I feel the...
Been taking my Zoloft everynight like a good girl. But I...
...perfect right now. Been taking my Zoloft everynight like a good girl. But I am ...metabolism thing. Then took 4 tums. Showered. Ate again ...hour sick again. Took pepto, tums..no resol...
seeking that medicine was a history I have with melanoma...
...on the board, did the Pepto Bismol, and by about ...the culprit for me was Zoloft, and hence my query here. What sent me into seeking that medicine was a history I have with melanoma -- all in s...
told me that Zoloft and Pepto Bismol were contraindicated....
...pharmacist told me that Zoloft and Pepto Bismol were...
everyone :) I took some pepto bismol chew tabs for the...
...reflux. I most definetly will not go off this medication as it is helping me so much, and did not cause an increase in anxiety like the other meds i tried (zoloft & ...I took some pepto bismol c...
and zoloft..? I've been putting zoloft off for a month and...
Anxiety and zoloft..? I've been putting zoloft off for a month and ...sleep I bought Benadryl. And pepto if I get nauseous. Both ...by my general physician. I have .25mg Xanax which helps me, ...
2 months, I was taking zoloft (stopped a month ago) and...
...that 2 months, I was taking zoloft (stopped a month ago) and ...both. I stopped taking the zoloft to see if that would ...loose, sometimes black (due to pepto bismal), and sometimes green ....
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