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Peptic Ulcer

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peptic ulcer, also known as PUD or peptic ulcer disease, is the most common ulcer of an area of the gastrointestinal tract...
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Common Peptic Ulcer treatments discussed around the web
Omeprazole 289 Prilosec 133 Ranitidine 118
28,815 conversations around the web about Peptic Ulcer to help you make a decision
28,815 conversations around the web about Peptic Ulcer to help you make a decision
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Peptic Ulcer & Apple Cider Vinegar

We found 11 discussions
" ...Protonix since 2005. Recently, my insurance company stopped covering it and I have been very sick since then. Apples do help, because of the pectin, and I carry cider vinegar and hone... "

" has helped with my peptic ulcer to the extent that I don't use PPIs anymore. Nobody drinks raw apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle, I don't anyway. One or... "

" ...maaylox so she took papaya enzyme pills (found in ...stores). When I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer 2 years ago I used them ...meds. I was also told that Apple Cider Vinegar is supposed to... "

" ...i ended up with a peptic ulcer and they thought I had ...reflux as well again. my neck feels swollen, and my throat feels ...or cancer. Ive been taking Apple Cider Vinegar, DGL, been drinking... "

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" ...peptic ulcer-come to find out he had LMS-a rare soft tissue cancer that was slow growing the entire time. We were told that it is not hereditary. I think its indestion-but Ive had it before & this ... "

" ...for years. Treated for peptic ulcer disease. Lost my gallbladder. Had possible IBS. Migraines. Sinus infections. ...lemonade I make myself. Apple cider vinegar with filtered water and... "

" APPLE CIDER VINEGAR \"Several months ago I went ...backwards. I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer, probably due to a poor ...not heal me and recommended Mother Apple Cider Vinegar. I read many o... "

" ...know). Also, I've cut way back on meals, only eating small portions. In the evening, I try to eat really light; broth, fruit, maybe along with crackers or bread. I sleep like a rock, so heartburn i... "

" ...also just found out my peptic ulcer came back... oh joy... I ...and took PPIs & Apple Cider Vinegar to heal it. ...possibly Evening Primrose and zinc. I've got to find the balance that works ... "

" ...GERD, Irritatible Bowel Syndrome and Peptic Ulcer. When they discovered the H. what caused my Peptic Ulcer and prescribed me 3 ...take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or more and i... "

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