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Penicillin Medications

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85 conversations around the web about Penicillin Medications to help you make a decision
85 conversations around the web about Penicillin Medications to help you make a decision
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Penicillin Medications & Grapefruit

We found 85 discussions
" Are you serious, penicillin? BBBW Is light does not ...smells of green tea and grapefruit. BBBW doesnt linger as a... "

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" ...has nothing to do with the other...(just don't drink grapefruit juice with the penicillin, and if you take BC pills, don't have sex... "

" ...sausages lemon curd 6 bottles of Kronenbourg cucumber tomatoes onions mushrooms half a grapefruit half a melon penicillin - no, really penicillin, not something unidentifiable and... "

" Penicillin, molds, some dusts, normal seasonal things and many tropical fruits--oranges, limes, pineapple, grapefruit. The latter ones are more than a nuisance. I... "

" Quote: I've never heard of penicillin being fatal, unless of course ...Also, every time i get sick or what have you, ...the shit out of some grapefruit and oranges, and it doesnt... "

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" ...herbal penicillin, for short-term ...nutribiotic: grapefruit oil: "

" ...(oranges, grapefruit, etc.) Animal wise: Cats Medicine wise: Penicillin Other:... "

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" ...what you said Mike... she wants me to stay on the omnicef for at least two ...He had a shot of penicillin in the butt yesterday so ...patient info not to eat grapefruit, doesn't... "

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" ...citrus fruits especially kiwi and grapefruit and penicillin have a medic alert bracelet... "

" ...better to rest, glad the penicillin is beginning to kick in. ...- bless him. Iwas told today that brazil nuts and grapefruit juice is good for you, mentioned it to him,... "

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