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19 conversations around the web about Pelvicaliectasis to help you make a decision
19 conversations around the web about Pelvicaliectasis to help you make a decision
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What people say about Pelvicaliectasis

We found 19 discussions
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" Pelvicaliectasis Does anyone have any information on Pelvicaliectasis? I can't really find any good information on this via the internet and I was wondering if anyone knows any specifics... "

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" Anyone had kidney problems in fetus found on u/s? My u/s report says the baby has mild pelvicaliectasis in the left kidney. The renal pelvis is dialated to 4mm (the very... "

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" Anyone heard/gone through this? Has anyone heard of [b]pelvicaliectasis[/b]? It deals with swelling in one or both of the kidneys. Possible blockage as well. My son was diagnosed with it... "

" pelvicaliectasis or hydronephrosis Has anyone else had any experience with pelvicaliectasis or hydronephrosis (dilation of the kidneys)? At my 20 week u/s, they found ds to have dilated... "

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" icd-9 code for pelvicaliectasis? Impression: Moderate left pelvicaliectasis, without ureteral dilatation, suggestive of ureteropelvic junction obstruction. Vesicoureteral... "

" ...recently where they found mild pelvicaliectasis. They also found a 3mm ...discuss options regarding the polyp, and I'll discuss the pelvicaliectasis with my nephrologist at the next visit. But... "

" mild pelvicaliectasis (swelling of kidneys) I am 22 weeks yesterday ...2 ultrasound the outcome was a mild case of pelvicaliectasis (swelling of the kidneys). Has anyone ever experienced this?... "

" renal parenchyma echogenicity, no evidence of pelvicaliectasis . Suggestion? Sir, Age-8year old, ...not well evidence of pelvicaliectasis or calculus . could u... "

" I am trying to find out some information about bilateral pelvicaliectasis and cannot find anything! I saw your post and thought maybe you could give me some insight.... "

" ...Cortical outline, echogenisity and corticomedullary differentiation are normal. There is moderate degree of pelvicaliectasis with calyceal dilation of 0.7 cm to 0.6 cm in the upper and... "

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19 discussions
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