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Pelvic Congestion

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Pelvic congestion syndrome is a medical condition in women caused by varicose veins in the lower abdomen. The condition causes chronic...
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2,847 conversations around the web about Pelvic Congestion to help you make a decision
2,847 conversations around the web about Pelvic Congestion to help you make a decision
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Pelvic Congestion & Venogram

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" this happens with pelvic congestion syndrome, as the blood flow increases need to see an interventional radiologist for a venography CT (dye injection). often women with endometriosis have P... "

" ...nerve block? Even for a few months? I had a venogram that showed abnormal pelvic veins, which they called pelvic congestion syndrome. They did coil embolization to shut down those veins... "

" ...look into whether you have pelvic congestion... particularly in the ovarian veins. ...can check with a pelvic venogram and can sometimes embolize the ...causing pain resulting in less pain...... "

" ...affects the left leg. My pain is all right sided. ...this Monday. I know the venogram checked the gonadal veins, especially I saw specializes in pelvic congestion. I don't have any ... "

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" ...due to the pelvic congestion. I have bladder pain, frequency, vulva ...tailbone pain. I am having a venogram/embolizing done to treat these veins Jan 9th. I hope it can take some of my pain i... "

" wonder if you have pelvic congestion, which is essentially varicose veins ...tested the Dr performs a venogram and dye is injected through ...find some relief from your pain.... "

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" Here a discussion of pelvic congestion syndrome refers to the MRV as ...useful if intravascular ultrasound and venogram are going to be used... "

" ...radiologist was able to do the venography on it. The Pelvic Pain specialist I saw in 1999 commented to ...more advanced in the study of pelvic congestion than the US. I know... "

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" ...have suffered from chronic pelvic pain (alot of ...diagnosed with severe pelvic congestion on my right side. The pelvic congestion is actually what ...mapping and pelvic venogram... and the... "

" give advice as I am pretty confused about my pathology results, ...its possible that it is pelvic congestion. I had my hyster due a test called a venogram. I have only just read... "

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