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Pelvic Congestion

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Ask a question
Pelvic congestion syndrome is a medical condition in women caused by varicose veins in the lower abdomen. The condition causes chronic...
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2,832 conversations around the web about Pelvic Congestion to help you make a decision
2,832 conversations around the web about Pelvic Congestion to help you make a decision
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Pelvic Congestion & Venogram

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" ...years ago that did not find pelvic congestion, although a ...of any kind). I'm just curious as to whether removal of the uterus alone is considered a \"cure\" for pelvic congestion or if th... "

" Also, I am having lots of pain and heaviness in my ...down legs. A previous doc sent me for a venogram and diagnosed me with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: I had a dialated ovarian vein. The symptom... "

" ...pain in my right leg, had a laproscomy sept 10 , said got pelvic congestion syndrome,had a diagnostic venogram last wk , they now saying yes i have a lot of veins... "

" ...checked for pelvic congestion ? you will need a venogram CT dye injection pelvic varicose veins)--(pelvic congestion'). i have gonadal ...-- get lower back pain/preassure/fullness), ... "

" i have pelvic varicies (pelvic congestion syndrome) and it created immense pelvic interventional radiologist for a venography dye CT... "

" ...had done? I have nutcracker syndrome with pelvic congestion syndrome and have pain on ...nutcracker is causing the pelvic congestion with reversed blood flow ...and left gonadal venogram and ... "

" ...on this board because my wife has been diagnosed with pelvic congestion and possiable ic of bladder i need some help ...set up oct 18 for venogram any insight will be appreciated... "

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" ask your doctor about pelvic congestion syndrome. I was shocked ...radiologist to have a venogram done. Varicose or dilated pelvic veins have been found to cause a pelvic pain syndrome. I... "

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" ...for Pelvic Congestion I was diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion through Venogram and Lap. ...So I'm quite confused. Has anyone witnessed Provera helping with Pelvic Congestion? The side-effects ar... "

" ...for might be pelvic congestion. I mention this ...heavy sensation. I had endo, adeno, and pelvic congestion. Removing the endo never ...pain was from the pelvic congestion. Thursday I... "

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