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Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte solution manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and invented by Gary Cohen, MD of Swampscott, Massachuse...
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Pedialyte for Vomiting
37,513 conversations around the web about Pedialyte to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Pedialyte and compared it to other Vomiting medications
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Pedialyte & Elderly

We found 25 discussions
" ...IV fluid that is often used in home health care, especially for the elderly. ?A tiny butterfly needle is inserted under the skin and attached to an IV bag. ?It is less risky than IV fluids.... "

" ...advocates for our children, elderly and obviously ourselves. ...well? Do you give motrin/tylenol (\"piggy back\" ...sodium, potassium, glucose, magnesium. Pedialyte Popsicle are the best whe... "

" ...okay. He was an elderly bunny, and until recently has always ...comfort him and gave him some pedialyte to try and get him some liquids ...know he was an elderly bunny, and that it was proba... "

" I'll second the notions on Pedialyte. An older boy who drank ...the bible to the elderly and tried to convinc... "

" a nursing home. I am wondering about suggesting that she be given Pedialyte since it is used for ...think be helpful to the elderly. Lack of minerals can cause... "

" ...young, the weak, and the elderly, but other than being a if you just keep yourself hydrated with electrolytes, pedialyte, gatorade, etcetera, you could just \"weather the storm\" so... "

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" ...have hydration issues, i.e. elderly people and those with ...non-triathlon based sport has been using Pedialyte and Gastrolyte to manage hydration ...yes you can use Pedialyte - but nuun's pr... "

" ...immune systems, or the elderly who simply could not the doctor (he'll probably start you on the Flagyl or Vancomycin before he ...test), drink Gator Ade and Pedialyte to restore the ele... "

" or oresol, Hydrite, Gatorade, Pedialyte) or intravenous. Diarrhea may last ...severe dehydration (especially kids and elderly), bring them to the hospital... "

" ...being lost by such excessive sweating. Especially at risk are children and the elderly. They need Pedialyte or Gatorade?something like that to keep them thoroughly hydrated, in addition to drinking... "

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