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PediaSure Peptide

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Other names: Peptamen, Vital Jr
Category: Dietary supplement
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Based on medical discussions around the web
113 conversations around the web about PediaSure Peptide to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

PediaSure Peptide & Peptamen

We found 15 discussions
" that she drank Peptamen Jr. Our GI got us a bunch of samples (Pediasure Peptide, Peptamen, Peptamen 1.5 etc.) ...the tube, she couldn't even tolerate larger quantities of Peptamen and so we... "

" ...liked Pediasure Peptide, why did you... "

" on a special formula, Peptamen Jr. since he is not and now this. I prefer the Pediasure though. They 1.5 makes ...this new on into putting him on the Pediasure peptide, to see if it... "

" C is on Pediasure Peptide (the one that used to be called Vital Jr), it is quite similar to Peptamen Jr. We're trying to get back on J feeds using it, but since it's not working so well (TPN for 2... "

" around $60 a can and at his age he would need several cans a week. The Pediasure Peptide which is comparable to Peptamen Jr. is about $8 a bottle or $32 a day if you are using 24 ounces. So,... "

" mention the Pediasure Peptide and the Peptamen Jr. are basically... "

" ...had trouble eating when she was diagnosed, so was told to drink Peptamen Jr. She hated them at to drink enough Peptamen to keep her weight ...prefers it to drinking Peptamen (it's muc... "

" ...peptamen jr are medical foods. In order for your insurance to cover them they have to have a script from the Gi with a diag code. EEN ...pred. See pediatric research tab - It does not howev... "

" ...south NJ. My daughter drank Peptamen Jr too but there are many formulas - pediasure, pediasure peptide, Neocate, Elecare - It's a... "

" ...I have never heard of peptamen jr...I will check that out. well. To add to the confusion, pediasure has a Pediasure Peptide, formally vital jr I think that is the one... "

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