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Pectin is taken for: Sore Throat


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Other names: Throat Drops
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Pectin for Sore Throat
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Pectin cause Joint Pain ?

#19 in Pectin discussions - 59 posts discuss Joint Pain with Pectin. Joint Pain is #19 concern in Pectin discussions.
We found 59 discussions
" ...with a teaspoon of liquid Pectin daily for 6 months. It has eliminated the hip joint pain. However if I stop taking it daily, the pain comes back. For me it is... "

" ...had been suffering from joint pain in my fingers and after reading about pectin and grape juice from ...thanks God the pain is gone and not ...she too had some pain in the joints. She is now ... "

" My husband has been using pomegranate juice and pectin for several years. He swears it takes away his joint pain and keeps it at bay. I've tried it a few times when my joints get bad, and it... "

" Pectin from various sources was effective for relieving joint pain for me but it caused vicious unrelenting hypoglycaemia so I had to stop it. Yeah, \"something happens\"... "

" tablespoon of Certo liquid pectin in one 8 oz. glass of 100% organic grape juice for my arthritis/joint pain. It worked for my gout after ...the body. When my joint pain went away after usin... "

" ...and Grape Juice Ease Joint Pain I was looking for ...happened across the grape juice/pectin recipe in a book. Joint pain disappeared! It's been a ...keeps a supply of pectin in her cupboard (... "

" ...mixed with grape juice for joint pain. Google for it (certo grape juice). Certo is a fruit pectin used to make jams and jellies, and... "

" ...had been taking pectin with grape juice for pain in my joints, hands, ankles and still ...back. While I stopped taking statins, the pain persisted for several night. It sure is a plea... "

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" Are you sure he is using pectin? If so you can buy pectin in about any grocery store ...people using this for joint pain though. Generally people use ...a good source of glucosamine and protein ... "

" ...Arthritis Remedy from the Grocery (Certo & Grape Juice) Create Benzene? Hi, I would ...disease and also has some joint pain that the doctors can't ...Diet, which doesn't allow pectin because ... "

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