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Passion Flower + Valerian Root/Hops

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32 conversations around the web about Passion Flower + Valerian Root/Hops to help you make a decision
32 conversations around the web about Passion Flower + Valerian Root/Hops to help you make a decision
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Passion Flower & Valerian Root/Hops

We found 32 discussions
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" ...for Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, Hops, Catnip, Wild Lettuce and Passion Flower being excellent teas for... "

Post from
" ...take a supplement that contains valerian root, hops, passion flower, and lemon balm in on... "

" ...the forum many times, but Valerian Root, Hops, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, Kava Kava, Passion Flower, and L-theanine have all been ...of research before taking any, especia... "

" ...daughter has to take a Melatonin to sleep every ...take a combo pill called VHP(Valerian Root, Hops, and Passion flower). Works really well. Sweet dreams... "

Post from
" self- get weed ASAfuckingP Large dose of a proprietary blend of: fresh valerian root, hops, Vanuatu kava, passion flower, chamomile and a few... "

Post from
" ...Henry's aka Wild Oats and has chamomoile flowers, fresh valerian root, hops strobiles, passion flower, and freah lobelia herb. The lady there recommended it... "

" ...Shoppe. It has magnesium, valerian root, hops, melatonin, chamomile, skullcap, passion... "

" Have you tired any pain relieving and muscle relaxing herbs? (skullcap, valerian root, hops, white willow, passion flower) Elderberry, lemon balm, ginger, cayenne, and osha root will... "

" ...issues. It contains: Melatonin, Chamomile, Wild JuJube Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Hops, Scullcap, Passion Flower, Calcium and Magnesium. That said, since this is a... "

" Have you tried any homeopathic remedies? Sleepy time teas? Valerian root, hops, chamomile, passion flower, etc. Warm milk and honey. Also curious as to why you would not... "

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