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Other names: Tranylcypromine
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Tranylcypromine (Parnate, Jatrosom) is a drug of the substituted phenethylamine and substituted amphetamine classes which ...
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Parnate for Bipolar Disorder
31,051 conversations around the web about Parnate to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Parnate and compared it to other Depression medications
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Parnate & Bipolar Disorder

1,529 discussions around the web mention both
Bipolar Disorder
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We found 1,527 discussions
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bipolar and atypical depression are a good indicator....
" ...and some other signs that show both for soft bipolar and atypical depression are a good indicator. parnate helps with my hypersomnolece as long as i don't sit around... "

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on Parnate and Lamictal for BP - hypomania. Someone once...
" ...on Parnate and Lamictal for BP - hypomania. Someone once ...I can show to my pdoc? (Parnate is the only AD that has really helped me). Than... "

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with mood stabilizers for my BP II disorder. It seems to...
" ...II disorder. It seems to me that the Parnate is working some weeks and the I have to increase the dose again. Has anyone noticed the same effect?! I take it with... "

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a switch into mania or hypomania. Have you tried Wellbutrin...
" ... Parnate is thought to be one of the better drugs for bipolar depression, and is usually chosen before Nardil. Are you to be on any mood stabilizers? It's usually a good idea to help prevent a... "

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30 mg parnate clonazepam, ritalin, as needed for bipolar...
" tried Lamictal? - Scott hey dude i was just going to recommend that.... i think parnate is one of the most effective, plus i think MAOIs are also supposed to be less likely to cause a swi... "

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I was diagnosed with Bipolar due to a hypomanic experience...
" ...are least likely to induce mania. Does anyone have a reference that I can show to my pdoc? (Parnate is the only AD that has really helped me). Thanks in advance. I totally agree with... "

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whole time I took Parnate for BP and fatigue. No problem....
" ...whole time I took Parnate for BP and fatigue. ... "

normally kept my systolic BP under 100. Parnate always...
" ...I'll never try that again. Luckily, I also had an Rx for Propranolol so I popped a couple and that put my BP back down to normal. I would take Propranolol some days with Nardil and it seemed... "

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I have anxiety and I am bipolar. It was only the higher...
" if it's causing you chest tightness. Maybe you should drop down to the original dosage and see how you feel. If it goes away then you will know that it is the Parnate. If it doesn't then it's... "

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first but had to stop it due to being bipolar. I am on...
" being bipolar. I am on Parnate now which is working equally as well. Nardil worked too but made me too groggy and I gained too much weight on it. Parnate worked the fastest, I felt relief... "

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