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Parkinson's Disease

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(Parkinson s disease)
Parkinson's disease (also known as Parkinson disease, Parkinson's, idiopathic parkinsonism, '''primary parkinsonism'...
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Common Parkinson's Disease treatments discussed around the web
Sinemet 3,211 Mirapex 1,895 L-Dopa 1,578
139,584 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
139,584 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
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Parkinson's Disease & Watery Eyes

0.03% of the posts that mention Watery Eyes also mention Parkinson's Disease (27 posts)
Watery Eyes
Parkinson's Disease
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Watery Eyes
We found 27 discussions
" an antihistamine. Benadryl ...treat sneezing; runny nose; itching, watery eyes; hives; rashes; itching; and other treat mild forms of Parkinson's disease. Benadryl may also be use... "

" ...are suggesting that the technique STOPS the progress of parkinson's especially the non motor symptoms. This is possibly because ...let us be cautious. My teary eyes might be the fore runner... "

" ...about emotions and Parkinson's I have not been diagnosed with Parkinson's, but I have a ...deficiency and take the Sinemet generic to control it. ...though not loud, but watering eyes. The... "

" Parkinson's Hi and thanks for letting ...I've read many of the postings and almost became teary eyed as now I have folks that understand!! As good ...on vacation and I got so tired. Thanks for... "

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" Eyes Tearing contantly My mother-in-law came to ...immediately that the diagnosis of Parkinson's did not fit her ...on doing things differently. She has the most trouble choking on liquids (she... "

" home in on this watery-eyes business. I thought that I a mind-body connection between watery eyes and the need to concentrate. the wake of my Parkinson's, it never till now... "

" Hi Folks, After a long battle with parkinson's my Dad passed away. i seen him go ...feeble old man. He had parkinson's for 10 years and was ...this I am emotional and teary eyed again. I am sorr... "

" ...valid concerns: depression and drying/tearing of the eyes. It sounds to me ...death, dealing with Parkinson's) or it can's situational. Unfortunately, the Parkinson's 'situation' does... "

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" ...with one another, and I am tense the entire time and ...adn i just kept getting teary eyed. Every where is all pretty ...other gramma is seriously dibilatated from parkinsons and harldy knows... "

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" ...the 5th anniversary of my Mother's death from PSP. As I ...a mother who suffered from Parkinson's Disease. All of her siblings wrote ...beast PSP. I'm a little teary eyed today, remembering a... "

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