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Parkinson's Disease

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(Parkinson s disease)
Parkinson's disease (also known as Parkinson disease, Parkinson's, idiopathic parkinsonism, '''primary parkinsonism'...
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Common Parkinson's Disease treatments discussed around the web
Sinemet 3,256 Mirapex 1,915 L-Dopa 1,591
141,031 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
141,031 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
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Parkinson's Disease & Swollen Ankles

0.1% of the posts that mention Swollen Ankles also mention Parkinson's Disease (28 posts)
Swollen Ankles
Parkinson's Disease
We found 28 discussions
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" ...since 3 years. I alsohad swollen ankles. Are you taking Bromocriptine?In my case it was because of Bromocriptine.Swollen ankles,... "

Post from
" ...after having Parkinsons for 10 years. Also had 2 spine fusions with accompanying medications (now reduced to Norco and a muscle relaxer as needed). Should I stay on Mirapex if... "

" ...Sinemet as follows: 10 PM 50/200 ER 4:30 AM 25/100 6:30 AM 25/100 9 AM 25/100 11:30 AM 5/100 1 PM 25/100 3 PM 25/100 5:30 PM 2/100 I use lately 2 mg Mirapex, 3x a day at each meal, break... "

" ...I was wondering if I can blame ankle pain on this drug? It's more intense as the day wears on and appears only if I go from sitting to standing then walking (in both ankles.) I don't appear to ha... "

" ...XL and Madopar 125mg. I also have swollen ankles and leg pain. I do think the medication is responsible for this. I am going to discuss with my consultant and agree with Semele that a chat... "

" ...muscle stiffness, causing fatigue. Treatment modification required? I haveben diagnosed to suffer from from Parkinson Disease since almost 5 ...since yesterday I have bilateral ankle edema . Pl ... "

" ...were posts about swollen ankles. I too suffer ...effect. I have had Parkinsons for 7 years & am on sinemet plus & mirapexin. I'm sure the mirapexin are the pills that cause my problems & it ... "

" ...not suffer from any side effects. I was on Mirapexin, for roughly 6 years. The main side effect I had was swollen ankles and I put on weight. I did not have any gambling tendencies. I would... "

" ...mobility issues now I have Parkinson's and many other problems I ...get another illness. I have tried suicide it almost worked. My once too and my ankles swell huge for no reason I... "

" ...the Neurotin made my legs and ankles swell terribly. Slept with my ...prescribed which is for Parkinson's Disease and Restless Leg. Have ...since starting on the Parkinson's med. eI have o... "

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