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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Paragard cause Ovarian Cysts ?

#36 in Paragard discussions - 74 posts discuss Ovarian Cysts with Paragard. Ovarian Cysts is #36 concern in Paragard discussions.
We found 74 discussions
" ...of molecule. Also, I have read that Mirena not paragard has an increased chance of ovarian cysts-- sounded bad enough alone to make me want paragard instead. I also just want off of the hormones... "

", I had paragard hated it. i felt it inside constantly then after it was removed I ended up with ovarian... "

" ...paragard. i ended up having it removed a month later. my period was longer and heavier and i constantly was aware of it and felt it inside. i was sad b/c i so wanted it to ... "

" ...of side effects? I had a paragard couple years ago and had super long heavy cycles, I felt it inside (maybe bc my tilted uterus?) and ended up with ovarian cysts after it was remove... "

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" ...around March I would say. Every now and then when I would sit on the toilet for a BM I would be hit with this incredibly unbearable pain that would make me have to literally stand up. It feels muc... "

" ...the Mirena and ended up with severe complications, ovarian cysts, etc. I was very happy with the paragard IUD, no ...There are risks with every form of birth control, and the risk of ectopic pr... "

" I'm getting the Paragard IUD that is good for 10 years. It's ...hormonal things because I get ovarian cysts and Mirena only makes those worse. I want a tubal, ...IUD, but my sister has Mirena ... "

" ...I had my Paragard for a total of almost 14 months until today. I went to planned parenthood and got it removed. I had horrible cramping, a lot of blood that I had ovarian cysts, (she felt ... "

" ...Which I'm sure my Paragard doesnt help with the flow but 10 days is insane. ... [snip!] ... get gassy, my stomach ...stressed out. I have ovarian cysts as well and ...still occassionally have... "

" getting Paragard. It's a non-hormonal IUD ...on board and I can't get Mirena because I get ovarian cysts and that makes them wors... "

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