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(Irritable bowel syndrome)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, or spastic colon) is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is a functional bowel disorder character...
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Common IBS treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 6,852 Imodium 4,980 Metamucil 4,192
593,914 conversations around the web about IBS to help you make a decision
593,914 conversations around the web about IBS to help you make a decision
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Papaya & IBS

We found 389 discussions
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" Papaya extract Hi! This is my ...I'm doing this correctly. I have a question regarding papaya-extract. I have heard that it is supposed to aid digestion (my IBS is characterized by a... "

" ...- Have you tried Levsin, Zelnorm, Lomotil, or Bentyl? When I had IBS something fierce, my doc put me on that Librax - can you ...treating you for anxiety.... Papaya Enzymes help sometim... "

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" ...Which enzymes do you use or recommend? I tried papaya chewable enzymes six years ago, and while they settled my stomach (some of the GERD and IBS), I ended up with an adverse reaction of extre... "

" ...3: mushroom, tofu, rice stir fry 450cal meal 4: papaya, TJ's vanilla almond bar 230 cal meal 5: indian ...1750 cal exercise; yoga 45min, walking 2 hours feeling down now, my IBS yet there sho... "

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" try it BUT...... I am IBS-D and i suspect i may be fructose sensitive and both papaya and mango gave me D ...don't have to go anywhere. Papaya is on the soluble fibre... "

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" Does anyone have any new remedies for the IBS-C's? I was wondering if anyone tried any foods, drinks or products lately that ...found a fruit that works well for me - PAPAYA. Would love to hear yo... "

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" ...from the May board~ My IBS has gotten out of control ...seems to help me is Papaya Enzymes from GNC~ I am anemia so that clogs things up by the Papaya helps keep things moving~ I sure h... "

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" ...mixed with dried pineapple and papaya is working incredibly well for ...My husband calls this my \"IBS\" mix because it has helped me so much. (Along with the usual...citrucel, peppermint/fenne... "

" ...(carrot salad too, potentially!) Yes, this means getting rid of the fruit. Papaya is supposed to trigger miscarriages, probably a source of one point, causing IBS-D type symptoms. Might b... "

" ...I have found a vitamin/supplement regimine that helps my IBS. I take 3-6-9 fish oil pills 3X a day, ALIVE multivitamin 3X a ...coconut oil every morning and papaya enzymes after dinner daily. Lo... "

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