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Panic Attacks

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(Panic attack)
Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset and of relatively brief duration. Panic attacks us...
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Common Panic Attacks treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 37,981 Klonopin 16,473 Zoloft 16,282
738,810 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
738,810 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
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Panic Attacks & Weird Dreams

0.58% of the posts that mention Weird Dreams also mention Panic Attacks (265 posts)
Weird Dreams
Panic Attacks
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Weird Dreams
We found 265 discussions
" ...for a few months now, and at first I felt so much better, less panic attacks and anxiety, it was great! Recently, in the last week or two, my anxiety has been awful, I've been having weird dreams... "

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" ...40mg x3 daily, I haven't had any hallucinations on the 40mg, but i do have quite realistic and weird dreams, not terrors, so I'm hoping my reaction to the medication doesn't change much, i don't kn... "

" ...night. Lately I feel disoriented and weird, Weird dreams and off balance feelings, I will mention this to my psych when I go next week but I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way ever.... "

" ...meds (Prozac , Zoloft ) did have panic attacks or weird dreams ? I did. My panic attacks seemed... "

" ...have some really weird dreams ...panic attacks arent that often. is this what its supposed to do? my doc told me to take it for about 25 days and visit him again to increase the dose or somethin... "

" ...started having panic attacks. I felt like something bad was going to happen to me and I wouldn't wake up. It was all in my mind of course. Xanex also ...would have these very weird dreams an... "

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" ...weird dreams and then the anxiety got worse because I was scared to take it. Does anyone know of taking ZZ Quil (sleep aid) will be a bad idea to take with this drug? It has some alcohol in it of c... "

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" ...are very vivid and very real but if I had to choose of having the panic attacks or the dreams I pick the dreams. So it is normal for you to be having strange dreams, even dreams that occur over an... "

" ...had the weird dreams ...for clonazepam. I love that stuff, I took one an hour or so ago and feel MUCH better For now . I've been going thru some major anxiety since about two days after stoppin... "

" ...with Prozac, so the above poster is probably right about that one. I had a freaky dream the first night I took Prozac and I've had evening panic attacks. I don't run into the weird dreams anymore... "

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