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Panic Attacks

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(Panic attack)
Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset and of relatively brief duration. Panic attacks us...
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Common Panic Attacks treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 38,383 Klonopin 16,664 Zoloft 16,416
746,018 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
746,018 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
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Panic Attacks & Urinary Incontinence

0.16% of the posts that mention Urinary Incontinence also mention Panic Attacks (27 posts)
Urinary Incontinence
Panic Attacks
We found 27 discussions
" ...snowing or sunny. Now we have complete loss of bladder control. I have called my brothers because I already need a break. I am scared and I don't ...don't want to have a panic attack. I am t... "

" ...suffered with panic attacks followed by loss of bladder control since I was my forties. I've had various treatments over the years but still live in constant fear and overarousal. I'm du... "

" ...49 and suffer from very loose stools.It started 7/8 ...away resulting in me being left incontinent.I also have bladder incontinence also,I suffer from severe tummy pain and panic attacks I take ... "

" ...on the job. Letting her have the panic attack forces her to deal with ...the same reason no one starves their way to loss of bladder control because of an aversion to food. If her husband... "

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" ...afraid (to the point of panic attacks) to go anywhere. So, I ...incontinence only? as most I've researched seem to be for urine incontinence. I would really appreciate any... "

" ...running and the rest. Sometimes i get into real panic attack - thinking i have bladder incontinence, going to the bathroom only to see nothing at... "

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" reality.actually i suffer from urinary incontinence so whenever i have it i feel my hands are gone dirtyand then inexcessive ...becomes faster at that panic attack.temperature of my forehead ... "

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" and in private e-mail, many people have mentioned panic attacks, bed wetting or loss of bladder control and loss of bowel control. (RELAX, I won't be... "

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" ...effects of severe depression, panic attacks, extreme fatigue, weakness, excessive urination, urinary incontinence, muscle cramps, nighttime leg... "

" ...problems and can help with incontinence of urine. Everyone is different in how ...affects them. Anxiety and panic attacks can lead to depression, ...I've not heard of klonipin, but then again... "

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