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palpitation is an abnormality of Pulse that causes a conscious awareness of its beating, whether it is too slow, too fast, irregular, ...
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Common Palpitations treatments discussed around the web
Propranolol 3,074 Atenolol 2,065 Toprol 1,285
308,010 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
308,010 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
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Palpitations & Red yeast rice

We found 8 discussions
" My brother had problem with myopathy with red yeast rice. I had my heart racing in the 130-140 range due... "

" ...lecithin I took Zocor for a week, and felt weird - out of breath and kept awake at night with ringing in ears - I also developed or seem to have developed some sort of arrythmia or palpitation... "

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" heart. I have A-fib. I think ...any statin drugs or red yeast rice for cholesterol, then you must take CoQ10 because those deplete the body of CoQ. I don't \"feel\" any results .. though it ... "

" ...studies is they use high dose alpha tocopherol only, which depletes ...And niacin and red yeast rice are the two ...unfortunately I can't take it due to it causing heart palpitations. And fo... "

" ...Serious side effects leg cramping racing heart etc. I can take an ...? dry cough take an aspirin with it and ...He suggested for Cholesterol control. (Red Yeast Rice) Brand name Cholesten... "

" ...reason why I shouldn't take Red Yeast Rice, to try to lower my ...also take a beta-blocker for palpitations.... "

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" yeast rice works bc it has ...decision to place limitations on red yeast rice basically prohibiting them from containing ...such the monacolin content of red yeast rice is highly variable... "

" ...Thistle 1200mg Red Yeast Rice 50mg CoQ10 ...2000mg Vitamin C PCT: - Anabolic Xtreme PCT TRAINING: I?m one of those people that don?t keep exact ...a few heart races lasting ab... "

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