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palpitation is an abnormality of Pulse that causes a conscious awareness of its beating, whether it is too slow, too fast, irregular, ...
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Common Palpitations treatments discussed around the web
Propranolol 3,072 Atenolol 2,065 Toprol 1,285
307,912 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
307,912 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
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Palpitations & Pins And Needles

0.81% of the posts that mention Pins And Needles also mention Palpitations (940 posts)
Pins And Needles
We found 939 discussions
" ...brand form Calan SR I am trying to get off this drug now. I started taking it about 5 months ago. I did find that it does cause muscle cramps and pins and needles. I also control my palpat... "

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" I can't do anything. My heart races I get pins and needles I can't move my fingers they like lock up and get tight and... "

" .... We got an appointment with the doctor. She expained that she feels her heart racing and complaining of pins and needles . He did give her the once over and signed her off work... "

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" Whats the deal with Quetiapine- Good or Bad? Hi I'm on 600mg of Quitiapine for phycosis. I'v had some problems with it eg racing heart, pins and needles in my legs at night. But i read on... "

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" ...extreme anxiety, thinking you're going to die or go insane, you would have a really fast heartbeat, get pins and needles, vision distortion, sweat a lot. I used to get them, and they are... "

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" ...who was no help at all. I also have collapsed a couple of times too. my heart races very often and i experience pins and needles in my left arm. The only answer they have... "

" ...was Prinivil? then Lisinopril. Over the years I have experienced hot flashes, heart palpitations, anxiety, dry cough, pins & needles in my left leg ...everything on menopause. Heart palps get on... "

" the doctor for peace of mind. sometimes during sex i have had palpitations, got dizzy, and also had pins and needles in my hands/up my arms and even in my face. this is a... "

" ...get night time palpitations with adrenaline rush, ...I've also noticed I get severe pins and needles/tingling and sometimes numbnes... "

" for me i get rapid heart beat- tingling in hands and feet- ...really bad i get pins and needles all over my... "

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