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palpitation is an abnormality of Pulse that causes a conscious awareness of its beating, whether it is too slow, too fast, irregular, ...
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Common Palpitations treatments discussed around the web
Propranolol 3,026 Atenolol 2,045 Toprol 1,278
304,538 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
304,538 conversations around the web about Palpitations to help you make a decision
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Palpitations & Histamine

We found 177 discussions
" ...4 days after starting b12, I had a ...the ER for dizzyness and heart palpitations (which never happens to me). ...nothing about b12, overmethylation, high histamine, excitotoxcicity etc. I wi... "

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" ...past I would get a headache from eating apples. ...wouldn't be troublesome. Natural histamine may be too rapidly ...and lead to a histamine 'rush' with headaches, palpitations and flushing. T... "

" wizards. I also suffer heart palpitations, normally its the first sign ...caused by inflammatory mediators such as histamine, neutral proteases, arachidonic acid products,... "

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" ...and variations on a theme. Racing heart but UNKNOWN reasons or something. This Mast cell and histamine is a dumb question. ...does that help you feel better? It's been a long... "

" cause the palpitation and tachycardia issue) ...that wont effect tachycardia, palpitation, excitatory, etc. Im really ...fermentation process might effect histamine. I contact them las... "

" ...figuring out you had histamine / salicylate problems? I the warning signs (racing heart after meals, among others), ...become supersensitive almost overnight. I am losing weight rapidly... "

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" ...histamine levels down. She said when I start to get the itching that's the sign levels are up and that I should try to take something. So I don't know even though this is still a really weird p... "

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" ...onco told me to take Claritin, the day of chemo ...well. Don't understand how a histamine does that, but, who am ...3, get tired and have racing heart beats for a few days... "

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" ...also have to avoid high histamine foods because of some pretty ...spark (burning sensations in my skin,heart palpitations, low BP, bowel stuff, headaches,... "

" ...of the potassium) The histamine symptoms are two types; ...then delayed.The immediate symptoms are belly pain and tightening that radiates into the chest, heart racing and anxiety. The delay... "

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