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Pain is an unpleasant sensation often caused by intense or damaging stimuli such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting iodine o...
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Common Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 196,843 Ibuprofen 166,589 Morphine 137,516
22,738,459 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
22,738,459 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
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Pain & Thalassemia Trait

3.18% of the posts that mention Thalassemia Trait also mention Pain (17 posts)
Thalassemia Trait
We found 17 discussions
Deborah Murchland
thalasemia miner and hymacromatosis and r slip sr he told me to get a dchitzaphrinia
I am tired all the time ,I worked jobs and I would get sick all I could do is work and sleep,my last job I past out 4 times they would let me lay there till I would wake up I was always on right ups because I would be to tired and pain ,the last time I past out they called an ambulance, I don't even remember, I have so many hospital bills,i was in icu,then behavior health to evaluate my meds, I went back to work,they were using diferant chemicals my throat was closing shut I told my Delphi manager he told me to get a dr slip I did and they kept me there my dr sent an ephi pen incace my thote closed shut I give my two week notice I worked there 9 yrs I was a darn good worker my workers pulled for me they new about my condition ive been through hell but I got my son through collage about 4 months ago I took my boyfriend to work I felt funny I went under a fence and through another the officer thought I was drunk because I felt like it I don't rember going in the ambulance had to transfer me to another ,again icu my suger droped they did a test my suger was checked for the last three months ,my sugar was better then the drs I hurt all the time everywere ive cut myself sometimes I just want to die I have a disability hearing ,my family don't want me to work its so hard to except,but I have a good man 2 wonderfull dogs and family 2 beutifill young adults and 2 very special grandbabies I cant quit fighting !!!!!

" ...the dye since I have possible thalassemia trait and that is a contraindication. ...I had to have Benadryl recently when I ...of a similar allergic response to the morphine they were giving me... "

" ...anaemia and also having alpha- thalassemia trait. now a days I ...dizziness. and sometime i suffer from terrible pain in bac and abdomen together following with the swelling of my right side of ... "

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" Hi All! My husband has the Thalassemia trait. My son's routine blood work for his 18 month ...I'm wondering If I should put him through a painful blood draw (he's a fighter) or just wait until... "

" ...overweight. He was recently complaining of pains and tiredness, because of which ...reports showed that he has Vitamin D deficiency low haemoglobin, but no ...mean my son Rishit has Thalassem... "

" ...a very very very low pain tolerance! Coupled with anxiety! So getting ...Oh and i just got a thalassemia trait diagnosis recently. Have been anemic since ages! But then... "

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" ...the skin off and has very sore red patches now. You are also a good idea given that you have beta thalassemia trait. I think the reward system is a good idea... "

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" ...out that my mother has the b-thalassemia trait so i did the test ...that i tend to get severe pain below d knee (front ...i have familial hypercholesterolaemia the pain is not in the calf..... "

" ...the hospital for a surgical procedure and they discovered it after taking blood samples from me. ...had Thalassemia Trait. I ...It hurts like hell to see my nieces going through ?random? ... "

" ...taking awhile. Drive a momma crazy!!! The kids have Alpha Thalassemia Trait which is causing them to have mild anemia. It ...\"normal\". The reason the Iron was hurting their bellies so ... "

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