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Pain is an unpleasant sensation often caused by intense or damaging stimuli such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting iodine o...
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Common Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 196,050 Ibuprofen 166,022 Morphine 136,018
22,673,960 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
22,673,960 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
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Pain & Stomach Ulcers

8.25% of the posts that mention Stomach Ulcers also mention Pain (7,972 posts)
Stomach Ulcers
We found 7,972 discussions
" ...prilosec for over a month with some success, but this week I started having severe stomach cramps and excess stomach acid that is keeping me awake most of the night. Has anyone else... "

" ...stomach ulcer. In my case the pain would go after I ate. A persciption for zantac (prescription... "

" ...pain permanently? I have Gastric ulcer and pain in the ...heal this problem permanently. Right now i am intake Zintac tablets everyday to control my pain i would lik... "

" Help! how do I get rid of this pain? I have a stomach ulcer..what do I do to ease the pain?? I'm in immense pain! I've gotten things to dilute... "

" ...stomach ulcers that they found out through an endoscopy or similar? If so, do you know what caused them, how long have you had them and how do you TREAT them? My doc just put me ...have 3. ... "

" ...arthroscopic surgery. I still have tremendous pain in the knee and ...and 1/2 Percoset(325/apap) DAILY. Doctor told me to take PRILOSEC to coat my stomach and prevent stomach ulcers. I just r... "

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" ...from DVt. Can't take blood thinners because of stomach ulcer.It still hurts when I walk. What can I do to get rid of the pain. I want to be ...far because of the pain i... "

" ...and having problem because of stomach ulcers. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to... "

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" are not getting relief from that high of a dose, chances are you may have a bad gallbladder. I took prilosec for two years until I ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, they... "

" ...with stomach ulcer. The pain in my upper abdomen is burning and lasts for some time. I know that this pain can be relieved with milk, food or rest, but still I can`t stand it! My doctor prescribed... "

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