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Pain is an unpleasant sensation often caused by intense or damaging stimuli such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting iodine o...
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Common Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 196,918 Ibuprofen 166,669 Morphine 137,658
22,747,883 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
22,747,883 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
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Pain & Steroid Myopathy

21.2% of the posts that mention Steroid Myopathy also mention Pain (49 posts)
Steroid Myopathy
We found 49 discussions
" ...they are saying I have MG and steroid myopathy (to explain my pain). I got disability for all ...with me. I have the twitches all the time in varying places but they... "

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" ...them slowly. I have bad pins and needle sharp stabbing pain in my legs , ...pins and needle sharp stabbing pain in my legs and ...steroids. I was just recently diagnosed with steroid myopathy... "

" ...have steroid myopathy after receiving high doses of prednisone for pneumonia. I was unable to walk for about I take tramadol for pain when I need it. I'm still on 10mg of prednisone. M... "

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" ...I have steroid myopathy. YUCK. It makes my legs shake uncontrollably and they are hurting a lot. put on Digoxin and he increased my Verapmil. My heart rate is still staying really hig... "

" ...on the prednisone that was percribed for my tendonitis. Fortunately it hasn't had a big effect on my ...800mg of advil to dull the pain which helped a ...might have steroid myopathy which sho... "

" ...diagnosed with steroid myopathy. ...I take my dog every day for a 30 min walk and have made a point to do the same walk everyday to try and build up my strength, I have pain and weakness.... "

" I had steroid myopathy--muscle weakness caused by the prednisone. ...angles without causing fatigue and pain. I wonder if that's what may be causing your pain rather than the fat pocket... "

" ...for the link on steroid myopathy. I've tapered down to ...March), and starting to feel pain in the upper legs and getting out of breath climbing stairs - now ...a lot and had me exhausted, s... "

" ...bless you. Anyone experienceing pain in their thighs? It ...steroids - called it steroid myopathy. But I looked that ...weakness - not what I am experiencing - it is pain.... anyway, pleas... "

" Yes, I get pains too... just like everyone else - oddly my neuro ...that was NOT the MG, but said it was steroid myopathy leftover from my Cushing's days (I had pituitary Cushing's,... "

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