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(Premenstrual syndrome)
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (also called PMT or premenstrual tension) is a collection of physical and emotional sym...
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Common PMS treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 2,964 Yaz 1,752 Yasmin 1,656
775,251 conversations around the web about PMS to help you make a decision
775,251 conversations around the web about PMS to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating PMS

PMS & Suicidal Thoughts

0.32% of the posts that mention Suicidal Thoughts also mention PMS (413 posts)
Suicidal Thoughts
We found 413 discussions
" ...Suicidal thoughts, pms When I was on it last year, my main PMS symptom was suicidal thoughts. I've never been suicidal before in my... "

" ...suicidal thoughts etc. But, after around 3 weeks, these symptoms eased off. My doctor upped the dosage to 40mg and now I'm pretty much cured - with the exception of standard PMS/PMT... "

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" ...just tried the Yasmin though to hopefully prevent PMS & migraines. I was on it for about ten days and spent about 5 of those in bed. I had severe migraines daily, thoughts of suicide, I gained... "

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" ...relief I just took a big step (for me.) I'm stopping my b.c. pill. My doc put me on them originally because I was having suicidal thoughts when I was PMS'ing. When I was ...only during PMS. So b... "

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" ...Zoladex injections are and also how one goes about getting progesterone implants or otherwise. And why is the progesterone given? Peg, what symptoms does the agnus cactus relief and what about the... "

" ...was so bad i would have literally had a hysterectomy or anything to stop it. im on ortho-lo now though, and i feel like a whole new person. no cramps to speak of, and only very minor blueness... "

" ...pms mood swings often lead me to extreme suicidal thoughts and rage. The only thing that moderates these symptoms is a low dose of Prozac, which my doctor was ...the week before my period is d... "

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" Im having bad PMS right now too. I immediatly get suicidal ideation with my depression. They just increased my AD so its causing mom has been diagnosed with cancer. So today just sucks.... "

" ...I have even had suicidal thoughts because I was ...supplements and vitamin super B complex tablets (also over-the-counter). last month, I tried taking both, and I hardly noticed any PMS symptom... "

" ...I'm not talking about your average PMS- I have suicidal thoughts, aggressive impulses, and uncontrollable depression. Before I go to another thread for depression or whatever this would... "

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