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Pain is an unpleasant sensation often caused by intense or damaging stimuli such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting iodine o...
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Common Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 196,832 Ibuprofen 166,576 Morphine 137,511
22,738,459 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
22,738,459 conversations around the web about Pain to help you make a decision
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PET Scan & Pain

We found 10,020 discussions
" a low roar and you are able to drink your latte soon! Hope you have a speedy recovery! I have my PET scan tomorrow and find out Tuesday if I am in remission. If I am in remission then got... "

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" ...effects. I now have noticed that with each Herceptin treatment I ache more. ...effect. After this last treatment I also started to worry, but I just had a pet scan and I think that would sho... "

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" ...Monday,today I had a pet scan then off to thoratic ...specialist?I'am feeling so lousy have this bad pain on opposite side of cancerous lung left upper back,taking tylenol helps sometime seems t... "

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" the morphine which is excellent! He same home last Wednesday after spending a week in the hospital for pneumonia and will have his second chemo treatment on Thursday. I'm pretty sure he... "

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" ...(Life After Diagnosis) with a PET scan. Although stuff (adenocarcinoma) continues to ...and called it quits. I've since had some radiation to control some mets and pain. Good luck to you and... "

" ...of radiation for my non hodgkins lymphoma (stage 1) I ...side of my neck . Pet scan shows i'm cancer free now. I am in my eighth treatment of twenty now. my throat is real sore and I have numbin... "

" up on my PET scan. It didn't. Narcotics really don't touch the pain when it's at it's worst. Sadly it's disappointing to be done with treatment and still have that pain. I'm sure your... "

" Hi! Congrats on your PET scan results! A Big Breath of Relief! You said your joints were hurting. What do you mean? I have joints that hurt, but I mentioned it to my onc today and he said since... "

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" ...go on a targeted therapy such as Tarceva? She has to be given something to control the pain as I know how debilitating that can be. Keep us updated re PET scan as I am sure our... "

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" ...behind my bellybutton. The pain continued everyday, all ...showed no problem. Pain went away completely 4 months after last Taxol treatment. I know that Taxol caused my pain, even though all... "

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