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(Polycystic ovaries)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. It is a genetic disorder that can be inh...
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Clomid 119,738 Metformin 108,689 Provera 19,109
852,527 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
852,527 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
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PCOS & Vaginal Odor

0.44% of the posts that mention Vaginal Odor also mention PCOS (14 posts)
Vaginal Odor
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Vaginal Odor
We found 14 discussions
" ...and I have a question re: vaginal odor. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and I'm 29. I'm definitely insulin resistant and I'm on metformin 1500mg/day. Prior to DX of PCOS, I had several... "

" ...had a very bad vaginal odor for a very long ...related in any way to PCOS? Is there any way to make it go away permanently? Does PCOS treatment help? I just started metformin a few months ago.... "

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" Re: Vaginal Odor Hi Pat, this is off can help. I have pcos and was just told I have fibromyalgia. I've been reading books... "

" ...Do any of you have vaginal odor? Even after I just get out of the shower ...things are safe when you're pg. Is this a PCOS problem? Does anyone else here have this problem or... "

" Vaginal Odor Ok I don't want to ...out here but i had a question about vaginal odor. Since I was 14, (when ...has anything to do with PCOS or not, but any advice/comments... "

" ...And this was before I found out I have PCOS, which was late last year. And it is true ...but I just woke up from the worst bad vaginal odor dream ever. (And it is the 1st one). And... "

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" Typically, this is not a PCOS problem, but vaginal odor affects all women in different ways. The first think ...second thing is to get any vaginal discharge or even a vaginal... "

" Does this mean women without diabetes who have vaginal odor have other problems? I do not have diabetes but ...I've read of so many PCOS women who have had them.... "

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" ...Vaginal odor is not normal, and ...that you might have Bacterial Vaginosis. I can't tell ...interested in additional support I am a Medic... "

" ...I am pretty sure this is not PCOS related but anyway think infection and my only sexual partner has been my husband for 11 years so no ...there is \"breathing\". I am a little confused ... "

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