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(Biliary cirrhosis primary)
Primary biliary cirrhosis, often abbreviated PBC, is an autoimmune disease of the liver marked by the slow progressive destructi...
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Common PBC treatments discussed around the web
Urso 849 Ursodiol 148 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 87
55,715 conversations around the web about PBC to help you make a decision
55,715 conversations around the web about PBC to help you make a decision
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PBC & Pain

2.2% of the posts that mention PBC also mention Pain (1,225 posts)
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We found 1,225 discussions
" ...When you are a lot of pain, macros can sometimes take a back seat. Either way, my protein intake I did get to enjoy a healthy treat after lunch: 2 scoops of Phase8 PBC mix... "

" ...symptom,i am in constant pain ...know if any one else has this but i have constant pain in my left shoulder and it is very sore under the arm pit.I awas told by the doctor that the pain we get... "

" ...I was on Pregablin for pain relief as I was told I had fibromyalgia and so the ...blood results??, my diagnosis has changed, from Fibomyalgia to primary biliary cirrhosis which causes this sever... "

" ...PBC & in pain from artritis. I have tried several over the counter rubs & sprays that do not work for any lengh of time. I have taken Aleve & have gotten some relief. I know... "

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" ...and experienced some pain. Was given morphine and sent home within 4 hours. It was painful for a few days. I did not know my illness (PBC) had progressed ...caught the PBC (primary biliary... "

" , but it is very common to have upper right area pain due to PBC. That is where the liver is and it may ...When ever i slow down my intake of fat the pain eases. Good... "

" I have had an ache/pain in my upper right ...then I have been diagnosed with PBC, the ache persists, not ...said that hepatitis is not painful. What are other people's... "

" I have pain from PBC; arthritis; FM; scleroderma; migraine and Raynauds. So I take 8 x 15/500 Co-codamol 1 x 90mg Arcoxia 2 x 100mg Tramadol. Also take Pizotifen - a slow release... "

" ...better - I have had bad tummy pains due to PBC/AIH/PORTAL VEIN, but of late pain on righthand side deep side, ...can tell you. I was told that cirrhosis causes pain because pressing on gallblad... "

" consultant, that the pain is because I have panic attacks and I worry to much about my pbc, I did say it wasn't just me with pbc that has the ...sound that they are talking rubbish pain doesn... "

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