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Oxycodone (OxyContin and other brand names) is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine. It was de...
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Oxynorm for Pain
3,157 conversations around the web about Oxynorm to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Oxynorm and compared it to other Pain medications
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Does Oxynorm cause Arthritis ?

#4 in Oxynorm discussions - 30 posts discuss Arthritis with Oxynorm. Arthritis is #4 concern in Oxynorm discussions.
We found 30 discussions
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" ...of the pain i have is arthritis complicated by cp, both ...disorders were working overtime, took 50 mg of valium nothing happenned took 50 hour, and took 40 milligrams oxynorm, minor sc... "

" ...pain. I have arthritis practically attacking my, I have pain everyday, and confirm I had osteoarthritis in my lower spine. And, she said try to get Oxynorm. So, please any... "

" ...any benefit. I have arthritis in my lower spine ...reduces me to tears! Im on dihydracodiene, oxynorm, cyclizine for sickness and duluxitine come off the oxynorm and duluxitine 4weeks ... "

" ...they were putting him on oxy instead of dhc for his arthritis and prolapsed disc, he has the option of oxynorm caps for breakthru pain but vet... "

" ...only just been given oxycontin slow release after ...haven't helped for my lower back pain caused by arthritis. I take it 12hourly plus have oxynorm for break through pain. It works well for pai... "

" ...any experience, I have bad arthritis in my knee is addition ...the knee cap missing and as such have been on Oxycodine, oxynorm and amitriplyne for the last few years, in the... "

" ...oxynorm in Jan. I then had 3 months off opiates after an op but restarted Morphine (SR and MR) in June this year. I am on a fairly heafty dose of both (80mgs Zomorph and 150mgs of oramoprh) which i... "

" easy to become immune to Oxynorm / OxyContin - I've had to had my dose of both increased recently and I only take it to relieve pain from my arthritis, not the pain John's in now. Love and... "

" ...arthritis of the spine and have been on transdermal patches and oxycontin and oxynorm for 5 years. I have been told I cannot receive anymore pain relief. Is there anyone out there who understands... "

" ...and dislocated my foot and its now held together with plates and pins. The last four weeks has seen my joint pain get worse instead of better, and was diagnosed yesterdat with arthritis. Does... "

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