Oxymetazoline is taken for: Congestion Allergies


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Method of use: Eye Drops, Nasal Drops
Prescribing mode: OTC
Oxymetazoline is a selective alpha-1 agonist and partial alpha-2 agonist topical decongestant, used in the form of Oxymetazoline hydro...
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Oxymetazoline for Rosacea
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We analyzed what people said about Oxymetazoline and compared it to other Congestion medications
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Oxymetazoline & Rosacea

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6 months ago and my rosacea is gone. I will certainly...
" ...6 months now. I stopped using both the oxymetazoline and the Cliniderm 6 months ago and my rosacea is gone. I will certainly update... "

. My mother actually has rosacea but has the visable veins...
" ...and redness (not so much the flushing). My father has glaucoma and I took his brimonodine (sp?) eye drops and rubbed it on her nose (how lucky am I that she let's me experiment on her?!). I didn... "

is good news for rosacea sufferers as it means there may...
" This now expanded abstract suggests that oxymetazoline is effective for up to 6 hours after application ...this is good news for rosacea sufferers as it means there ...the redness and flushing o... "

has improved with the use of oral medication Doxycycl...
" ...(Vibramycin) 50 mg twice a day for two weeks then once a day for about 4 weeks. Dr. says to go to 1 every other day and I will. He started me out on Metrolotion but I did not get any results with... "

In these 2 patients with treatment-resistant ETR rosacea...
" ...reduced burning sensations from using the oxymetazoline. It does say in the trial's report though: In these 2 patients with treatment-resistant ETR rosacea, we report that topical... "

treatment of rosacea with oxymetazoline, some NYC derms...
" ...at futurederm.com which discussed a march 2008 article in Allure magazine about treatment of rosacea with oxymetazoline, some NYC derms with quotes in the article stated that they planned to... "

and then the successful erythema treatment using Oxymetazoli...
" ...\"Rosacea News\" sections is starting to become very busy and popular. Are better days really coming for Rosaceans? The first big hit was that the causes of Rosacea have been uncovered and then... "

did not allow for any healing in your oxymetazoline affected...
" ...rosaceans. My skin is like old leather boot now, but when this flakes off, I know the redness lurking underneath, will be out in full force. At the moment the tough skin acts like a bit of a re... "

I get emails from ***************@*************** and i...
" ...from ***************@*************** and i saw this. \"Successful Treatment of the Erythema and Flushing of Rosacea Using a Topically Applied Selective {alpha}1-Adrenergic Receptor Agonist,... "

- wouldn't things like that help to further categorize rosa...
" ...quite normal (besides some swelling of my nose which never seems ...but sometimes i flush like hell... oxymetazoline has done nothing for me at all. my theory would rather ...that help to ... "

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