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Vivid Dreams

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lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik W...
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153,716 conversations around the web about Vivid Dreams to help you make a decision
153,716 conversations around the web about Vivid Dreams to help you make a decision
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Oxygen & Vivid Dreams

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" ...husband used to have horrible nightmares. I thought it ...out to be his sleep apnea. One of the do you have vivid dreams/nightmares? Now that he is getting the proper oxygen he needs, h... "
March 4, 2015
Yes, the same with me; dreams in bright cartoon like bright color- anxiety themed dreams-wake up have to urinate, every night. My body felt worn down and my heart would race and skip beats.Than diagnosed- sleep apnea.
Since treatment- I have normal black and white dreams; don't have to urinate often at night-feel as if I have had coffee-heart sensations aren't noticeable to me at night-I don't feel I need sugar for energy, so far.

" ...found that as my sleep apnea got worse I would get these really vivid nightmares. Most the time they headaches that no amount of pain killers would take ...of lack of oxygen to my ... "

" ...sleep which is when you dream. Some people experience some vivid dreams for longer than normal. I can't sleep for more ...the prolonged period with low oxygen levels has severe consequences. I... "

" ...Friday and I still have weird dreams every night. It did ...what I read the more oxygen is your blood stream increases ...and therefor you will have vivid dreams. Well done!... "

" how to lucid dream when I was 8 years old because I was having night terrors. I started ...wasn't getting enough oxygen to my brain because of the apnea. I still lucid dream every now and... "

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" ...3-5 I would have shortness of breath, racing heart, bed ...3 ER trips. They put me in a oxygen rich room which caused more panic?adding to a number of vivid nightmares which kept me from... "

" ...into it next year with my doc. it causes hypoxia in the brain, a lack of oxygen, thus the demented AND OR VIVID DREAMS, and for me rapid cycling dreams, and for many... "

" ...that disrupt sleep,after having untreated sleep apnea for 30 years ...about 1 1/2 years, vivid dreams, nightmares, headaches and diziness ...sleep depraviation and oxygen desaturation. ... "

" ...going on. Concerning the dreams. I used to have lots of very vivid dreams before my CPAP. That was because my oxygen levels were so low during that part of sleep... "

" ...much for you! I've had the vivid nightmares and for me it's a ...depression kicking in. I've had undiagnosed Depression and PND and the need to put the oxygen mask on you first before... "

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