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Forgetting (retention loss) refers to apparent loss of information already encoded and stored in an individual's long term memory. It...
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137,986 conversations around the web about Forgetfulness to help you make a decision
137,986 conversations around the web about Forgetfulness to help you make a decision
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Oxygen & Forgetfulness

We found 248 discussions
" Forgetfulness of whole incidents, episodes of see lung function and oxygen levels. Advice My father has ...problems be caused by low oxygen levels from reduced lung function.... "

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" ...can include feeling spacy, confused, forgetful, tired, along with difficulty thinking, ...a lot of energy, oxygen, and nutrition. It is ...changes to fuel supply, or oxygen supply can profoun... "

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" ...and talk \"weird\" stuff than my oxygen levels drop or are low. ...loads worse :-/ I'm so forgetful and feel really silly. ...something really important and I got very angry with myself. \"br... "

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" have your husband get checked for sleep apnea. Mine has snored for ...He is only getting 60% oxygen. He has a c pap ...asleep quickly, cat naps, has some forgetfulness or a hard time c... "

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" something when really i am at complete exhaustion. brain fog normally makes it hard to concentrate and forgetful but when i get like ...kicking in or lack of oxygen to brain after exercis... "

" All the time!! The forgetfulness strikes at the most random convinced that all my deeply buried psychotic tendencies have bubbled to ...dark lake (no need for oxygen) and I kept having al... "

" ...mouth and nose so the oxygen want getting to him the signs started then the forgetful ness it wasn't until 2009 ...diagnosed alzheimers he also has issued with copd , high bp and... "

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" maritime - tearing up the oxygen if you drink enough water ...when i'm out of your system forget things that i said. then the lucky tearing up the oxygen to find one... "

" ...and carvid. Who has encountering frequent urination during the morning to the point that I wet my undies and pants at home and today I experienced a wet dreams, with frequent ...forgetful ...... "

" ...benefit the baby either in oxygen or blood i try ...agree wif u..sometimes i got slight backaches, and having a pillow ...memory and tends to b forgetful...... "

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