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(Muscle spasms)
spasm is a sudden, involuntary Muscle contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow Organ (anatomy), or a similarly sudden ...
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Common Spasms treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 8,986 Valium 8,343 Botox 5,291
370,039 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
370,039 conversations around the web about Spasms to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Spasms

Oxygen Saturation & Spasms

We found 35 discussions
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" ...has had cough ,coriza .../min ,bp 82/60 mmhg,pulse oximetry 92% saturation,bilateral weezes basilar crackles heard a) allergy indused broncho spasm b)barotraumarelated alveolar disease... "

Post from
" ...there, but they took an oxygen saturation on her (100%), and listened ...episode, and that the acid made her esophogus go into spasm. She had previously been diagnosed with reflux, but we... "

" and get lorazepam. That helps by relaxing the bronchial spasms. For that matter, anything that relaxes bronchial spasms would probably help, ...have had my oxygen saturation tested while ... "

" ...insist I have my oximeter and watch both numbers: oxygen saturation and pulse rate. You doctor can tell you what ...Cold air can cause bronchial spasms and asthma in some of... "

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" ...I don't actually measure my O2 saturation. Every time I've had it ...become somewhat ischemic due to being pinched by vascular spasms. Atypical migraines and vascular problems have been one of... "

" ...I will DEFINATELY ask about the bronchoscopy- but I don't have bronchial spasms. Will this still help? My O2 saturation was between 95-100%. But the ENT said even if... "

" ...did a ekg tested my oxygen saturation etc they could find nothing...He might be esopogeal spasms? It just feels like ...then tightens up a little....No other pain it is just uncomfortab... "

" ...a hard time keeping my oxygen saturation up which is really weird. ...a med that helps the spasms). Took it and first time ...bedroom after the med- no spasms. Yay! No gas pain... "

" ...go to your Doctor and ask for an overnight oximetry test. It is easy to order and easy to ...have two separate issues going on as well. Back spasm can actually get so bad it pulls on the... "

Post from
" ...beta blockers send me into spasms of wheezing and SOB, so, I don't take them. I'm only on verapamil and lisinopril at this ...and actually had decreased oxygen saturation, but, they lost intere... "

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