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Oxycontin vs. Seroquel for Depression

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/ 323,074 posts
Other Names: Oxycodone   Roxicodone   Oxynorm   Endone   Oxyir


/ 159,447 posts
Other Names: Quetiapine   Seroquel XR
Based on 323,074 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
Learn more
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Based on 159,447 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
Learn more
Oxycodone (OxyContin and other brand names) is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine. It was developed in 1916 in Germany, as one of several new semi-synthetic opioids in an attempt to improve on the existing opioid... Read more on Wikipedia
Quetiapine (branded as Seroquel, Ketipinor), is an atypical antipsychotic approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.Annual sales are approximately $5.7 billion worldwide, and $2.9 billion in the United States. The U.S... Read more on Wikipedia
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Treato My Voice
By dj
October 17, 2014
dj wrote
Back problems
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By kelly
August 26, 2014
kelly wrote
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By lablanche
August 1, 2014
lablanche wrote
haldol vs seroquel
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By Healthy Jack
July 30, 2014
Healthy Jack wrote
acupuncture and back pain
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By Thomas
April 6, 2014
Thomas wrote
Extreme Energy
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By angelajhn
December 17, 2013
angelajhn wrote
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By alan
November 9, 2013
alan wrote
Quetiapine , and cognitive Impairment
Everyone has different reasons for insomnia and everyone's body reacts differently to meds. Its good to share experiences, but you have to learn for yourself what works best. Sometimes doctors are no help, other than providing access. I hadn't fallen asleep without meds for 15 years and tried most meds mentioned, along with every herb, otc, nonlegal alternatives. I can finally now fall asleep most nights on my own, but wake up in 3-4 hours. But that's progress. Good luck to you all.
Ron  |  August 28, 2014
I have been dealing with MDD and I started taking Seroquel a few weeks ago, 100 mg at bedtime. In addition, I have started taking Effexor; initially 37.5 mg twice a day, just switched to 50mg twice a day.
I feel as though I am just coming out of anesthesia, pretty much the entire day. I can't function normally. My head is in a fog and I don't feel safe driving. This is nuts. How am I supposed to hold down a job?
I am hoping hoping HOPING my body adjusts to these 2 meds, otherwise, I am asking
woolf  |  August 8, 2014
"It really doesn't make sense to me how drugs such as Quetiapine achieve their supposed "anti-psychotic" effects.

My first impression would be that antagonism of 5-HT2a receptors would worsen the negative symptoms of a psychosis by causing confusion and cognitive dissonance.

Also, wouldn't the anticholinergic effects of such drugs contribute to psychosis? Short-term memory impairment is perhaps the main underlying attribute of a psychosis -- wouldn't anticholinergic activity worsen problems
Of course it causes cognitive problems  |  August 3, 2014
There are multiple anti-depressant medications. Consult your prescribing physician on your reactions to your medication. Keeping a journal helps, & will aide in getting you on the right dose or prescription.
June 26, 2014
I've been taking 400-450 mg of Seroquel for over 10 years. I was for
tunate to be treated by a very good Neuro Psychiatrist who has now retired. While taking more than 400mg can cause insomnia. Lower doses of 50-100mg can act as a sleep aid. I function best by taking it all at bedtime along with a sleep aid. When I had to find a new doctor, the first thing he did was screw with my Meds. I should have listened to my instincts, and changed only one med at a time. He changed me too 400mg at nigh
Mer  |  June 8, 2014
I have been on Quetiapine for about 10 years now, it does take a long time to get used to the effects of this drug both good and bad. One thing to remember is, you are used to the way your mind worked before taking the drug, and have to learn how your mind works after taking it. Yes after taking it you will become impaired, it is a very strong tranquilizer. I started on 200ml per day, 25 ml 4 times a day, 100ml at bedtime it took about a year or even 2 before I learned to function while on this
Kellin  |  June 1, 2014
I am feeling the same way, I have been taking 50mg for two weeks a the doctor raised me to 50 mg at bed and 25 mg in the morning. I am fatigued, down, not able to think clearly. This is crazy, I feel that I'm go into depression because of my symptoms.
Rusty  |  March 17, 2014
antipsychotic meds are too much risk to be used off-label
i'm not a comedian  |  January 13, 2014
Its not a sleep aid , you should try something approved for sleep , its a anti psychotic , if your not psychotic don't take it ,
adam  |  January 3, 2014
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By Anonymous
September 17, 2013
Anonymous wrote
Bad Experience
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By LiveWithPTSD
August 30, 2013
LiveWithPTSD wrote
The light switch
Thanks for the thoughtful post. I was also an eldest. Given my emotional makeup, being very responsible, always the good girl the responsibility of caring for siblings, carrying out chores, attempting to keep peace & unsuccessfully lead my charges to pull their share of the work at a young age took a toll on me too.
I was shy at school & moved every other year. I found relief in theater arts playing characters not me. Later I was discouraged from pursuing theater as a career. Music & books f
mustfindbetterway  |  January 23, 2014
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By Robert
August 9, 2013
Robert wrote
"Degenerative Disk Disease", led to 3 operations and morphine & oxycodone useage.
I agree molly I cannot find one doctor that dosent keep me chronic pain killers, also drugs make me just feel dead or zombie like usual antidepresents, I have migraine disorder some drugs just make that worse, really tired of trying new drugs. New drugs like Viibryd make you sick and cant sleep, same for brutellix except it just makes you constipated, instead of having diarreaha! Is it better in canada? If so let me know. Thks
ahna  |  October 24, 2014
You really do not want to take oxycontin unless you are terminal . I'm currently living a nightmare life after taking oxycontin for chronic pain . i'm now hooked and have become tolerant to successive doses of this drug. I have little or no motivation ,no libido and live a life of depression due to oxy.
Tony  |  May 31, 2014
Try to find a doctor anywhere in North America ( I live in Canada) is nearly impossible. The government and pharmaceutical companies are hot to trot on giving chronic pain people man made opuates or anti-depressants.They get you hooked your pain is gone. Now they want to make life as miserable as they can "so now you have go on anything but morphine or daillodud (ie). So frustrating. I wanna know what doctors do for their pain? So far every show I have seen on TV. doctors drink like fish. Ie.
Molly  |  April 28, 2014
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What patients are saying about Oxycontin vs. Seroquel

487 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
I ended up being allergic to seroquel 2 yrs ago. Narcotics...
...have drug booklets. I ended up being allergic to seroquel 2 yrs ago. Narcotics ...no big deal. I was on oxycontin with my youngest son and he has had no adverse reactions. and he is now...
he does have experience with seroquel, he actually has a...
...experience with seroquel, ...oxy relaxes him a ton, but he can't fall asleep for hours for some reason, he just rolls around in bed. Edit: he would rather not increase the dose. The 15 mg rel...
seroquel for three months 300mg at bedtime to sleep after...
...seroquel for three months ...quit doing oxy, it made me gain an ...it. It made me sleep great especially while I was in a treatment facility. And yes its true a lot of inmates fake bipolar s...
my life. today i am on serequel and suboxone for pain and...
Oxy is heroin in a pill. ...eating 50-100 mg many percs in between the oxy made me so shaky i offset it with 20mg of benzos and ...my life. today i am on serequel and suboxone for pain...
have intermittently been prescribed seroquel, zoloft, and...
...the 30. My worst habit was 160mgs oxy or 12 bags midwest tar per day. That was ...monogamous with opiate/oids. I do smoke cannabis nightly, and have intermittently been prescribed seroquel,...
mixing oxy and seroquel isnt that great, unless u take like...
...mixing oxy and seroquel isnt that great, unless u take like 25 or less mg of seroquel and like 40mg of...
barely nod....i take 50MG of seroquel and within 2 hours...
I can take 160MG of oxycontin and barely nod....i take 50MG of seroquel and within 2 hours i will be passed the...
clean. But I've taken kpins and seroquel and got messed up...
...stay clean. But I've taken kpins and seroquel and got messed up on 1 oxy cause I was in pain. I didn't think it...
But the seroquel works great for anxiety.Hopefully because...
...am on. She already took me off Xanax. But the seroquel works great for anxiety.Hopefully because i'm not making ...the dosing of the Oxy I wont experience t...
I feel the normal Oxy high i guess, feeling good and...
...does work in helping. I feel the normal Oxy high i guess, feeling good and such. I tried not taking Seroquel and the night plus not...