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Ovidrel is taken for: PCOS Infertility Ovulation Induction


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Taken for: PCOS, Infertility
Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Human chorionic gonadotropin or human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy ...
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Ovidrel for PCOS
46,769 conversations around the web about Ovidrel to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Ovidrel and compared it to other PCOS medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Ovidrel & Spotting

1,283 discussions around the web mention both
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We found 1,283 discussions
" ...2X's a day. I have 1 more week to wait and it is hard. I have been crampy off and on and sore breasts but that's all. Haven't had any spotting to indicate implantation though. Does everyone hav... "

" ...Prometrium on top of that, and you're probably headed for a nasty period. Maybe the addition of the Clomid kept your lining from getting that crazy... And it was crazy this morning. I normally have... "

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" ...I usually dont start any bleeding until 14dpo. Its usually brown for a day and then turns red. When I take prometrium its brown for like 3-4 ...from Menopur and I take the ovidrel tomorrow. My R... "

" I am completely confused. I couldn't wait and started testing my ovidrel booster of my system. On Thursday, there was a ...nuts. Sdmomtob, so glad your spotting was a one time thing!... "

" and I have had spotting for about a week. specialist made me take a ovidrel shot to boost up ...pregnant but concerned with my progestrone level. Has anyone ever heard of giving an ... "

" ...did the Ovidrel shot 36 hours before. My husband's count is extremely low... about 600,000 per ml. I've tried for 8 years to get pregnant now, this is the first I've had any help. I hope... "

" ...Bree had bleeding with Ell in her 5, 7, and 10th weeks of pregnancy. Week seven had clotting and all. By week ten I had stumbled upon some cysters taking prometrium and ...I'm thinking with the ... "

" ...round of IUI. I was put on fermara then used the ovidrel trigger shot. We went ...time. I began taking prometrium on day 5dpiui (vaginally). On day 8 i had bright red spotting, then on day 9 hav... "

" ...4 iui's with clomid and Ovidrel trigger, no luck yet! I ...added progesterone supps this cycle and last as I have been spotting pre AF for almost 2 years now. The supplements... "

" ...and did a trigger of ovidrel on the 22nd. It's now 8 dpo..on 5 and 6 dpo i had light spotting when i wipped and light cramping. Every now and then belly. I've had 2 nose bleed yesterday. I... "

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