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Overlap Syndrome

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overlap syndrome is an autoimmune disease of connective tissue in which the patient presents with symptoms of two or more diseases. As...
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327 conversations around the web about Overlap Syndrome to help you make a decision
327 conversations around the web about Overlap Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Overlap Syndrome & Sjogren's Syndrome

14.7% of the posts that mention Overlap Syndrome also mention Sjogren's Syndrome (48 posts)
Overlap Syndrome
Sjogren's Syndrome
We found 48 discussions
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" a country close to Romania, and Europe. I have a child diagnosed with overlap syndrome (Sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis lupus). It is treated with immunosuppressants. We found that... "

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" ...put on 40mg/ of Prednisone. Have been gradually reduced to now taking 20mg and waiting for the test results to see if I can take Azathioprine/Imuran to help reduce the Prednisone even further. I... "

" ...the Psoriatic Arthritis site, and saw that I had SLE listed first on my overlap syndrome, saw that I also have Sjogren's and Raynaud's (also belong to those sub groups here)... "

" I've got the Sjogren's/Lupus Overlap syndrome and other autoimmune disorders. I've seen the top lupus specialist in birmingham uk, was told I've SLE but still they add CFS/Fybromyalgia to my list... "

" ...identical twin brothers, one has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the another one ...of developing it. By the way, I also have an overlap syndrome of Lupus and Sjogren's. I hope your sister feels be... "

Post from
" ...syndrome Has anyone every use AP for Sjogren's syndrome? I have this as a secondary condition of Lupus with overlap syndrome. I have been on... "

Post from
" ...Hi everyone, my name is Rosa. I have just recently been diagnosed with \"Overlap Syndrome\" 3 autoimmune diseases (Lupus, RA and Sjogrens syndome) so I'm really scared. I would like to... "

" that. DS has unknown liver issues that aren't serious ...she reaches puberty. I have an offical diagnosis of Sjogren's but actually have more of a overlap syndrome since I have very specif... "

" I have ra and sjogrens overlap with raynauds and cutaneous vasculitis. Think the overlap syndrome can come under the mixed have schloroma have you looked on the raynauds society uk website?... "

" waiting to have a lip biopsy, my rheumy is sure I have Sjogren's to add to my RA and overlap syndrome???!!! so he did the eye paper test and just looked at it then... "

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