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Vomiting (known medically as emesis and informally as throwing up and by a number of other terms) is the forceful expulsi...
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Common Vomiting treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 35,711 Zantac 12,145 Pedialyte 7,827
3,132,760 conversations around the web about Vomiting to help you make a decision
3,132,760 conversations around the web about Vomiting to help you make a decision
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Overdose & Vomiting

We found 6,185 discussions
" ...son was vomiting they had me giving him 1 tsp every 5 minutes, and then we spaced it out as he stopped vomiting. I would think giving her too much pedialyte would make ...can't really overdose o... "

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" ...suspected murder. That would be like saying Janis Joplin was murdered when everyone knows she died of a heroin overdose. And back in the day when those two died; everyone was doing drugs and drinki... "

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" choking on your own puke. what a legendary ...i think NOT. think about...all the greats are still alive, of course they all died from drug overdoses or being shot or w/e...its all a massive... "

" I completely agree. About a year and a 1/2 ago, I was hospitalized for a caffeine and diet pill overdose, in the ER unable to breathe and puking my guts out. And you know what?? I didn't lose a... "

" be addicted to overdoses, from small to potentially ...from all that overdosing. At least I was cured from wanting to - I look at tablets and feel like throwing up. I can't even eat tictacs... "

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" ...effects of the acid coming up. I would sneak it into hospital during my admissions as every time I asked for it they would give me 10mls every 4 hours!! 10mls?? Are you having a laff? Like tryin... "

" Janis died of a drug overdose, as far as I know. I think he may be thinking of Mama ...excess drinking and choking in his sleep on his own vomit. Jimmy Hendrix is said to have died this way,... "

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" ...ever take them. I've overdosed on them a couple times, got so addicted to taking them ...lining of my intestines. I had to call poison control once because I was puking up stomach bile, and conv... "

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" ...sounds like a cannabis overdose. I've had it several times and know it sucks. Your vomit was definitely induced've just overdosed a bit. ...weird, I had these cartoons too after smokin... "

" ...So for anyone not to go through this hellish situation be very careful with dosage start very small amounts. It might be true that you can not Overdose on Cannabis but you can have serious... "

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